American television personality, businesswoman, glamor model and author but most notably known for her ties to Playboy Kendra Wilkinson has been busted after a video tape of her and a still un-known very goofy looking, lucky ass male had a private sexual meeting leak and users that knew Kendra went absolutely crazy to see the all new official Kendra Wilkinson sex tape porn video.

Well worth the wait the Kendra Wilkinson video that is supposed to be one of the sexiest sex tapes of all time and the video scandal has been recently made available from non other than Vivid Celeb after they jumped all over the content after seeing the videos. In this exposed video of Kendra Wilkinson she really shows that blonds do have more fun as she manhandles some normal looking dude. Kendra has very nasty sex with the UN-named male in every position possible with multiple cum-shots to finish off the fun on the video. The only problem we have with this sex tape is that the guy in the video is just some normal looking joe that is actually kinda chubby. Well come to find out it was one of her old befriend from before she became a super famous celebrity. Either way, if you are a Kendra Wilkinson fan or a fan of homemade leaked celebrity sex tapes in general, this is a must see for anyone!

When SexTape contacted her media company they replied “The Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes are real and we are currently looking into the issue. A little late to look into the issue as they have already leaked.

[UPDATE] Kendra Wilkinson has now been approved for her very own reality show called “Kendra On Top”. We just thought this was funny *giggle* ;)

[UPDATE] Kendra has been caught up in more scandal that involves the recent celebrity hacking of accounts. She has had a bunch of nude pictures and exposed content leak as well as the video that everyone has been talking about so much recently. We love Kendra as she basically could not give a s**t and said that “Hey if people want to watch me on tape all the power to them, I hope I can help them out *wink wink*.” We would like to thank Kendra and wish other celebs would take note!

[UPDATE] – Yet another exposed sex tape of Kendra Wikinson has surfaced and this time it is a little girl on girl lesbian action for good measure. The tapes that actually leaked in 2010 as we have reported on in the past features her bff model Taryn Ryan and Kendra doing a little carpet cleaning. ;) Taryn went on record saying: “Everybody has a past, and she didn’t choose to put these things out there. But she won’t care what people say, she’ll deal with it and move on.” Well said babe! The funny thing about the video is that it was filmed by the girls boyfriends at the time and you can hear them in the background living it up big time. I guess we would be to if a couple Playboy girls that we dated started having sex while we were recording… Ah what a life it must be! Kendra also went on record recently about Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner in the sack saying it was like a job (ouch!)… “I was usually very drunk doing those evenings, I tended not to care about much until the next day. I had to be very drunk or smoke lots of weed to survive those nights. At about the minute mark, I pulled away and it was done. It was like a job. Clock in, clock out. It’s not like I enjoyed having sex with him” Kendra is a super trooper for sure!

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Rice Burner

    I personally think Kendra Wilkinson is hotter and has a better video than Kim Kardashian.

    • Raula

      I agree with you Rice Burner. Kim K is old news and is all stretched out.

      • Drop Dead Fred

        No way is Kendra hotter than Kim! Kendra has sex on tape with some fat ass dude that no one knows about. Kim on the other hand had sex with Ray J a young black male that could easily be a high profile porn star with that cock of his any day he wanted. Kendra really did not think the whole sex-tape video deal through or she would have picked a better partner for sure. That guy has no idea how to tap some Kendra Ass!

  • Johnnybgoode

    Okay I just got done watching Kendra’s video. All I can say is Abi who?!

  • SexTape Admin

    Glad you guys like the video, the Kendra sex tape reminds us a lot of the Kim Kardashian video… however you can tell that the Kendra video is a total setup but the Kim sextape you had to actually think about it LOL

    • Nameless

      I never noticed it was set up. I figured all sextapes were just a get in there and go at your will type of thing.

  • Teresa Loveland

    yet another hoe but I would do her and I am a girl ;)

  • kim_love

    Ahhhh… What can I say about Kendra other than PERFECT! This chick is smokin’ and the sextape reminded me a lot of my favorite one of non other Kim Kardashian and Ray J. Not for the quality but for how the video goes down.

    I must say I am not sure who the dude in the video is but… really Kendra? You could have done so much better. The guy she is with looks like a total idiot and he is on the over weight side as well. Not really sure what she was thinking but oh well.

    The male half in the video actually sucks in bed, he does not do a good job nor is he endowed well. The cool thing though is that Kendra does not seem to care and takes care of the dude real proper like ;)

    The video featured blowjobs, missionary sex, doggy-style and Kendra just having some fun with the dude. The entire sextape seemed to be more a of a fun sex thing than a serious relationship. But I must say I liked it because Kendra is so damn hot!

    Love ya babe!

    • SexTape Admin

      Thanks for your personal review… well done ;)

  • Busted

    Do all sextape stars get their own reality TV show after their sex tapes leak? Just noticed that now Kendra has her own reality show “Kendra On Top”. Kim had “Hanging With The Kardashians” the list goes on an on. Hey celebrities want your own reality show? MAKE A SEX TAPE! LOL

    • Drop Dead Fred

      Seems to be the trend for sure. If you are a hollywood celebrity and you start to take a dip down in the rankings… just make a nasty ass sextape and you will be back to the top in no time at all as long as the video tape is of decent quality. Hell I would do it to I have no shame!

  • Andy

    I dated a girl named Kendra once be she was nothing like this one for sure.

  • Toby

    Kendra is just ok, I see her new special Kendra on top and laugh at the name of the show all the time now giggle giggle!

    • SexTape Admin

      We thought the very same thing as your comment. Just watched it the other night and had a grin the entire time ;)

  • golf_fan


  • ANDY r

    I need to change my underwear now///////////

  • freak

    Hugh Hefner is such a lucky prick can’t belive he was taping that perfect ass on Kendra Wilkinson. I remember when she used to play softball for the Clairemont Bobby Sox she sucked as she never had that butch body that so many softball players have. I watch her film now I think call Kendra on top or something like that and think man I should have it that perfect ass when I had the chance! Oops Oh well.

  • Kendra Fan

    I used to watch Kendra on the show “The Girls Next Door” and wanted to be Hefner just for a day please. LLOOLL

  • TMZ Fans

    Yeah the fat fuck that Kendra is having sex on tape with is Justin Frye wannabe MMA fighter. The two dated since they where in High School together. I guess Justin had a tripod set up in his room and there is like 8hrs of sex tape video footage floating around just waiting to be released. I personally like seeing Kendra but I would rather see her masturbate than be getting fucked by that tool Justin.

    Just Sayin’

  • Raymond

    I live in apt # 69. The last 2 digits in my SS are 69. My phone # number has 69 in it. I like to 69.

    • OReilly’sMan

      Visit bathroom stalls much Raymond? You have super hot naughty celebrities all over here and you want to tell the world about your autism and 69ing. It’s settled. You’re a genius

  • OReilly’sMan

    Sooo Rodney King get his ass beat by a bunch of cops 20 years ago. And what does he get for his troubles? Death by pool. Let that be a lesson to all of you – #1 Make sex tape. #2 Become celebrity. #3 Don’t get ass beat by the man.

  • AD

    Kendra Exposed is by far the hottest celebrity tape going. What’s not to like? Kendra at 18 getting plowed. What we call that is a win win my friends

  • Cal74sev

    I am naked for you Kendra

  • Marykate784

    Kendra is proof that if you are young and a hottie you’ll be just fine in life. If you’re not, well then time to invest in some books

  • Mustjane

    Who’s the ugly fat dude with ms bombshell KendraWilkinson. Word of advise to all you celebs – when making a sextape keep us ladies in mind too and get yourself a hunk ; )

  • Stacy Helped

    My god I agree with Mustjane! That guy in the video with Kendra was just plain gross. I mean really??! Kendra Wilkinson has one of the hottest asses in all of Hollywood and she let some 250lb dude tap that ass. He was fat, obviously had no idea how to fuck and sounded like a retard… wtf was Kendra thinking?!!

    I myself would never let a sextape of me with some fat ass retard make it out of the bedroom let alone “leak” to the internet for all to see me lifting up his rolls to suck his little dicky doo.

    Ok.. Kendra we are not satisfied with the dude you made your sex-tape with and we are formally asking you to make another one with some hot ass stud! Oh and if at all possable can he be a hot, young, white stud?… I am tired of seeing all these celebs banging the black dongs of guys that have no brains but have a huge penis. I want a man that is smart, sexy, funny and hung, is that asking to much? For Kendra Wilkinson former Playboy mansion girl I would think not!

    Love Ya Biotch XOXOXOX

  • Curtis mangledfoot

    I think Kendra is the hottest celeb goin. Smart, sexy, and obviously likes to take it dirty ; ). Anyone see this, I guess, web series she’s doing? I personally haven’t yet which surprises me because I’m usually all over her (oh I so wish). Anyhoo this is what I’m talking about –

  • nin

    Kendra Wilkinson is so fucking hot… She could have had me instead of that dumb ass fat dude she was with. What a waste uggg

  • Kris

    Have you guys watched “Kendra On Top” every time I watch it I think of her sex tapes. LMAO!

  • celeb girl

    You can bounce a quarter off of Kendras bum. Her sex tapes are very good but agreed that the guy in the video is just plain yukky.

  • Tom Bennallak

    It is well known that Kendra likes both sides women and men. Lesbian sex tapes are usually pretty good, funny that both guys where just filming and watching. Screw that I would have been the cream in that cookie!

  • Tommy

    I love you Kendra. And I can prove it . . . my blow doll says so!!