Former British Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona has been busted with her very own hardcore Kerry Katona sex tape video and is now available for all of us to watch full and un-cut.

In the Kerry Katona sex tapes she was by no means a shy one on the tape apparently shot by her husband as she pleases herself well and then takes really good care of the lucky hubby.

The tits on this girl are bar none some of the very best celebrity tits we have ever seen, if you like celebrity boobies, tata’s, titties aka “tigobitties” you gotta see these babies up close as they are perfect according to us any ways!

Not many women can take a man like Kerry does and we solute her for the effort!

[UPDATE] – There is new video said to be Kerry while she was on the UK version of celebrity Big Brother where she has sex with one of her house mates in the bathroom that has leaked with a run time of about 30min. The video is of course HD quality and the entire sexual encounter is very good for a celeb sex video. Reality tele is giving us more and more sex tapes every single year!

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  • Busted

    Kerry Katona is so damn hot and this sextape is one of few that are 100% real (not made intentionally to leak). I had no idea those tities where so damn perfect, I could suck on the Kerry Katona nipples all damn day. Look me up Kerry!


  • Tommy Twotone


  • Janeruns

    I’m a fan of Atomic Kitten and never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Kerry Katona having sex on camera until of course I find here at sextape. Yay me!

  • Bobby

    Nothing like a hot mess to liven up a sex scandal. She’s already a dirty girl (nice!) but throw in her being a rock star on the verge of a mental breakdown and you’ve got yourself some great watchable television

  • Jungle George

    So I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of Atomic Kitten.

    • Bobby

      Oh hell yeah I’m a fan. I love their sound! I just know that she’s a bit looney.

    • Jack Burton

      Poor girl and her whole family was robbed at knife point. Two days later she was admitted to the hospital for being bi-polar. That would make anyone a little looney!

    • Sarah

      Bi-polar or looney or whatnot. I don’t care so much. Them perfect titties on her on the other hand just makes me want to suck them dry. And admittedly I’m a little jealous of them.

    • Matt

      Atomic Kitten is a just watered down Spice girls. No thanks! But no doubt about the smoking hot body. Yowza!

  • Run Forest

    Coke heads make the best fuck tapes. Ha!!

    • Breed

      I caught that interview of hers on the Morning Show. Holy fuck me was she coked out of her gord!

      • Eric Dill

        So she likes a little nose candy. As long as she likes to give up the ass then more power to her!

        • Right said

          So it’s okay to blow out your heart out of your chest as long as you spread them legs for some man meat. I’m sure your mother is so proud

          • Eric Dill

            Tell you what I’m proud of. The back of your momma’s head in my lap.