Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Porn Video

If you are one of the rare people that have not watched the almost 2hr, full Kim Kardashian sex tape porn video titled ‘Kim K Superstar’ you are missing out! The tape that was made in 05-2006 with rapper Ray J, released in 2007 and is still today the hottest selling and most watched sex tape of all time. Not to mention one of the most searched adult terms for the last 10 years solid!

Kim K and Ray J made the sex tapes while vacationing at a 5 star hotel, having sex for like 3 days solid while filming pretty much the entire time. Vivid Entertainment bought the rights to the video in 2007, though several sites including our partners offer the full sex video now. Kim has definitely become the “A-List” celebrity since the release of her sex tape making her one of the most powerful celebrity marketing women in Hollywood. Ray J himself has not done half bad either since the tape leaked becoming very well known for the size of his junk and having women now all over the world tripping over themselves trying to test out the goods. Joe Francis founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise and good friend of the Kardashian family was said to have been the helping hand with his adult contacts and excellent porn empire business sense.

The tape starts out filming with the couple in a restaurant having a good time messing around and then cuts to Kim sitting on the floor doing her makeup in a white hotel robe. A question asked by many after watching the sex tape was why was Kim making herself so pretty before getting plowed by Ray J. Most say she was putting on her makeup and making herself pretty because she knew damn well that she was going to leak the tape. Another issue that comes up in the video is at the point after Kim does her makeup and seems to be ready and willing, Ray J looks directly into the camera and tells the viewers: “For all you sitting at home getting ready to watch this tape, go hard with it man, go hard.” Why on earth would he talk with his viewers if Kim said the tape was for their eyes only? Give us a break. lol, Anyways, they go on for a little over an hours sucking and fucking each other as anyone in a hardcore porn would.

Showbiz Spy had an exclusive investigation into the entire “leaking of the Kim Kardashian sex video”, and found out that without a doubt, there was several people behind the success of the tape, and her massive rise to the Kardashian Empire!

When Kim’s management team was asked about the tapes they replied: “Yes they are the real sex tapes and we are working on what direction we are going to go with the content in question”.

[UPDATE] – Kim Kardashian’s sex tape video with Kanye West is now just that much more real. Kim and Kanye where recently at a party with some close friends in the VIP section and according to sources that where there as well, Kanye was asked when he was going to share his videos of Kim jokingly… Kanye then laughed and said “sorry man they are for our eyes only and will stay that way forever”. Kim was not laughing with the group but then proceeded to lean over and smack a big wet kiss on Kanye and told him she loved him very much.

[UPDATE] – Kim K was recently asked about “other” sex tapes out there while spending some of her hard earned money from her original Kim K Superstar film with Ray J. After she was asked by paparazzi if the rumors where true or not Kim replied: “I am not going to lye and say there is no other videos of me out there, however if there is they will not see the light of day.” Famous last words. LOL!

[UPDATE] Rumors are going around that a sex tape video from when Kim Kardashian’s IPhones where stolen in the robbery have leaked. We can 100% confirm the information is not true, and have provided several facts to back up our claims, including talking with authorities in the UK. So as for now, the original ‘Kim K Superstar’ sex tape videos is still all that is out there STARRING Kim Kardashian.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Ron Art

    I agree Kim Kardashian is one hot number, what she ever saw in Ray J I have no idea… oh wait… I almost forgot he has a crazy huge Frankenstein dong LOL.

    • Turn The Page

      Opportunity is what she saw in RayJ plain and simple as he himself was a D list celebrity that who just happened to be a well hung black guy (oh who am I kidding he is HUGE! LOL). Anywho… from what I looked up the Kim Kardashian sextape was made in 2003 and not released until 2007 anyone with half a brain can put two and two together and figure out that the Kardashian’s where really good friends with the Hilton’s at that time and we all know about little Ms Paris Hilton and what she did to become one of the most famous celebrities on the planet! I do love watching the Kim Kardashian porn video though, it is one clip that no matter how bad my day has been makes it all better. hehe *jerking it right now in the members area with one hand typing and the other on my cock*

      PS. If you think that Kim Kardashian and her family did not make the sex-tapes on purpose you are retarded.

      Cheers Mates! :()

      • cat-eyes


        • Laura Lawson

          Man you guys don’t need to shout… turn your caps lock off. Yes the Kim Kardashain sex tape is good, it is the #1 most downloaded porn video ever so it would have to be a great sex tape to gain that kind of title. I mean really? Most downloaded porn video ever is a sex tape of Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass. wow!

    • TINY


  • nhate alinsod

    Kim Kardashian sex tape video scandal is so hot! This is bar none one of the best exposed celebrity videos ever made and should stay that way until someone super big in Hollywood steps up to take her place.

    • Black Love

      Damn right Kim K. is and Ray J took that phat ass to town, way to represent there man!

    • Allan Jetto

      She has a horse face! Just wait, there will be a sex tape of Kim Kardashian doing a horse out soon! Oh wait, Ray J was half horse.

    • Mike

      I agree 100% with you nhate. KimK is probably one of the hottest celebrities I have ever laid eyes on hands down. She is also contrary to popular belive a very smart girl. How many women do you know became that rich overnight after having interracial sex tapes made? Not many if any I am asuming. I keep tabs on this girl through her facebok and twitter it makes watching the sex tapes just that much more enjoyable for me personally. RayJ and all the other sports jocks are so damn lucky to be hitting that phat KimKardashian ass.

      Trust me though… watch the video and follow her on her social media outlets as well. It makes it that much better!

    • karina maldonado

      donde puedo ver el video gratis?

    • brandon

      can i use your account to see kim kardashian sex tape porn?

    • Gary M. Lock

      Wait till you watch the Kim Kardashian second sex tape then you will be in awe it is said to be a sex tape of Kim and Kanye West. Kanye himself said they infact have been filming themselves and think they are better than the Ray J tapes. I will be the judge of that! lol

  • SarahP

    She is nothing more than a media driven slut and will go down in history as being so.

    • Admin

      So do I even need to ask what you think of Marilyn Monroe?… as she also has a sextape from back when she was with JFK. I think she was very classy as most would agree, just because Kim’s a skank does not mean all celebrities that have leaked tapes are. ;)

      • thatoneguy

        yes but Marilyn Monroe was a total babe Kim is just a whore with a big as booty and craving for black cock.

      • Dot

        Marilyn had sex with many celebs. She was pretty damaged, very low self-esteem. There is an audiotape of her discussing her sex tryst with older actress Joan Crawford. It was bought by a collector and fan who said he would never release it publicly. By the way, Marilyn admitted she was not really into it and declined a second invite by Joan. Just an anecdote.

    • golf_fan


    • Celebrity Girl Gossip Chick

      no shit… SarahP is just mad that she is a fat ass homemaker with 10 kids. Get over it, your life sucks but don’t hate on other people that have made it in life big time! Kimmy has become an A list celebrity, that in itself is mathematically more difficult than winning the lottery. She is a queen in my eyes.

    • Princess

      Kim will go down in history for the biggest slut tape, I mean sex tape scandal of all time!

      • clinton lover


  • Admin

    Kim K Superstar sex tape video is truly one of our favorites. The way that Kim made the movie over an entire 2 days of shooting was… well just so smart on her part. That way they had all the best parts of the 2 day love fest for our viewing pleasure ;)

  • charles

    kim kardashian is delicious to fucked

  • Shagger

    Ray J makes me feel like I have a little smoky for a dong, oh wait I really do… bummer! I felt bad for little miss Kardashian when he was smashing her from behind. LOL

  • StephLyn

    Kim Kardashian is nothing more than a gold digging media slut… that is all for now.

    • Brice J

      Haters will hate.

  • rick harris

    HAHAHA all the ladies around here just hate a sexy woman that admit it or not has a very great sense of business and marketing of herself. As for the sextapes she did with Ray J yeah she did it on purpose for sure but who doesn’t?! Ladies stop hating and go have sex with some celebrity and turn your lives around LOL

  • Brice J

    I wanna be Kim’s boy toy!

    • Admin

      Don’t we all ;)

  • Johnnybgoode

    Media savvy? Nope. Sexy? Not so much. Gold digger? Okay, yeah probably that. But it doesn’t matter the Kim K Kardashian slut-bag pales to my Abi Titmuss!!! Abi for pres 2012!!

    • KimK

      I do like Abi but come on Kim is much better looking for sure! Right now though yeah, I would vote for Abi over the 2 idiots that are our options as of right now LOL

  • ronnin_l

    Kim video is the shit!

  • Teresa Loveland

    Kim Kardashian is pure skank

  • kim_love

    Kim Kardashian sextape is one of my personal favorites. Here is a quick rundown for all who have not seen it here yet. The video is a little over an hour with good bonus footage provided.

    It all starts out with Kim in a nice white bathrobe in some fancy hotel with Ray J behind the camera trying to get Kim to talk. During the time before sex Ray J is basically interviewing Kim while she puts on her makeup that will soon be smeared by sweat LOL.

    The first sex scene is pretty good showing Kim Kardashian and Ray J messing around a bit that leads into a very nice sextape scene of masturbation, blow-jobs and full on penetration.

    After the first scene there is a break where they go eat and have some fun at the beach. However all soon enough they hit the bedroom again going at it like little rabbits in heat, of course film running for all of us to see after the video leaked. Kim shows her tits to the camera and they are just perfect with nice dark nipples that anyone would love to suck on for sure.

    The second sex scene is where Kim gets the high hard one from Ray J in the butt… no kidding yes Kim does anal with that gigantic dark Ray J penis. After this round Kim is a bit tired from all the sex with Ray J and they have a nice break out on the beach, with Ray J treating Kim actually very nice (wouldn’t you).

    The third scene is a mixture of Ray J and Kim Kardashian doing pretty much everything they did in the first two scenes of the video for about 30 more minutes. Then they close out the sextape video with them in the car talking about what a good time they have had together.

    The end…

    • Rebecca

      Damn… that is a good review of the sextape. I agree with it all and liked watching the Kim Kardashian sex tapes very much. Probably one of the best porn videos I have seen to date.

    • SexTape Admin

      Wow now that’s a comment, thanks for giving your personal review. we love it!

    • golf_fan


      • WOW, you are serious and pssied about this, aren’t you? Lol, like really did you just reference Jennifer Lopez’s butt and Kim Khardashin? I will tell you what I think: the media is doing a disservice to everyone by covering pointless issues such as how celebrities look and dress. They should be covering the corruption of your government, the abuses of illegal immigration, the amount of jobless people with degrees, the long-term damages of the BD oil spill, etc. I will refrain from ranting any longer.To addressee this issue, which you seem to be very passionate about, white people make up 80% of the images you see in the media. Most negative reporting, and it can be statistically proven, reflects minorities. Besides the bs dealing with whether or not britney spears has fake boobs, try viewing real life issues and you wil see that when a crime that is commited involving both races; the media will show the picture of the minority while covering the story. Or have you ever noticed that when the media is covering a story how they find the most uneducated minority to interview concerning what took place? Oh and Kim Kardashian is nothing but a media slut.

    • Dot

      Does Ray J give her oral? I heard black guys generally don’t. Is this true or stereotyping? If true, DEALBREAKER, guys!

  • lookin

    The KimKardashian sex tape was good but any idiot can see the entire flic was set up to further Kim’s career… Guess it worked like a charm and shit, looked like she had a great time with RayJ getting her done.

    • Ron Gilfert

      She likes black dudes only wtf is up with that shit… white boys gotta eat too ;)

      • stacy_walters

        Don’t worry not all white girls like black dudes, some of us still think they are greasy and just nasty ass holes. Fucking a big dick will get these girls no more than a decent night of sex. Then when they get pregnant they will see these black men for what they are as he will not be around for the baby as non of them ever are. Then the girl will go on welfare and end up living in a trailer and no honest white man will touch her as she is now tainted and has a mixed kid that makes any type of relationship awkward.

        So keep having sex with the black man and see what happens to you down the road ;)

        Good luck ladies!

        • christye


          • stacy_walters

            You have got to be kidding me?! I see white girls all the time every single day with mixed kids and no daddy. I am just stating a fact that from what guys tell me they would feel very uncomfortable dating a chick with mixed kids as in public it is awkward. If you want to go fuck a big black dick, get pregnant, have the father bail on your ass be my guest as that is what ALWAYS happens and no legit white dude will touch your skank ass with a 10 foot pole!

          • Renee

            It’s clear that ur a dumb racist BITCH!!!! I’m a BLACK woman an i have a child who’s biological father is WHITE AND A DEADBEAT. It was ok 2 b with me til we had a child 2 an a half yrs later….he split an hasn’t seen his son but came for the birth 2 sign the birth certificate so I could get child support for our child. His parents threatened 2 disown him if he claimed his son. A year later I met a DAMN GOOD BLACK MAN. He loves my son like his own an now we’re gonna have our 3rd baby next month. And yes we’re married an have been together for 8yrs. What e the fuck does your so call “theory” say about that you IGNORANT BITCH. P.S. MY BROTHER’S MARRIED 2 HIS SISTER AND THEY HAVE 2 BEAUTIFUL KIDS. SIMPLE-MINDED BITCH! I think Kim Kardashian just got caught up with some bad advice from her mother Kris Jenners. Tons of mothers would sell their souls to accomplish what Kris did with Kim K.

  • troy locker

    Where do I go to watch the Kim S Superstar sextape video?

    • troy locker

      just click on the videos – nsfw link at the top, it is in the members area and costs a buck to access all the videos they have which i might add is a lot of them.

  • troy locker

    What a waste of a perfectly great body! sad

  • Ron Gilfert

    Kim Kardashian is nothing but a big booty hoe! skank ;)

  • Busted

    You guys are all high the best sextape by far in my honest opinion has got to be Karissa Shannon and Same Jones III. The video is much like the Kim Kardashian video with Ray J as it was also a set up job. However the quality is better and the lighting is much better and hell, I think Karissa is hotter than Kim Kardashian anyways. The best part I thought was when Karissa was giving Sam a handjob while he was trying to drive, funny and sexy all at the same time. The other thing is in the Kim Kardashian video you really don’t see too much of her pussy, but the Karissa celebrity sex tape shows it all in good light. If you like Interracial bbc videos, make sure to compare it against the Kim K Superstar video and I bet you will agree with me.

    I posted this on the main page but thought it would be better for the comment to be here… feel free to delet my comment on the main page ;)

    • Cheech

      I think you are the one that is stoned… The Kim Kardashian & Ray J sex tapes are far better than Karissa.

    • Video_kid

      If your happy and you know rub one out! Then go play XBOX!

  • Paul D

    I have a friend that stood next to KK in Vegas…. I wonder what it smelled like. :)

    • Crazy D

      Bet it smelled like rotting fish suds on the beach!

  • AbdulaRkim

    I want to see kimkardashian video I am over 18

    • golf_fan


  • Toby

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West think they will have a tape leak? Why does Kim only date black men?

  • golf_fan


  • Celeb Fan

    Must be nice going from a d list celebrity to an a list overnight after fucking some hung black guy that is also a d list celeb. Shit Kim go after a real man, one that (a) will not ever cheat on you (b) never treat you like shit. All these black guys you banging around with will fuck you in the end it is in their nature.

    • SexTape Admin

      We think like you, all celebs should have a sextape video “leak” it should be a part of becoming an A list celebrity. That is only our opinion though lol :)


    Cant pass up on making a comment about kim k. I think her body rocked ass about 3 years ago. Now, her huge ass sags from having so many fence posts rammed in to it. (i would still hit that tho.shhhhhhh.)

  • Celebrity Girl Gossip Chick

    Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Video is the best I have seen, I am a female and would love to suck on that girl for a week! All those people that hate on Kim & Ray J are just haters that are jealous of their success nothing more. Think about it… you would love to be Kim Kardashian or Ray J so stop being haters and embrace this video for what it is (an awesome sex-tape that will always be remembered)

    Kim Fan For Life!

  • Granny

    Kim is an example of what is morally wrong with the world today, some celebrity can have sex on tape and all of a sudden they become mega famous. There is just something wrong with that.

    • BIG T

      shut your pie hole granny, stop talking shit on all the celebs on here. If you don’t like celebrity nude sex tapes. Then don’t visit sites that talk about them and go back to your knitting ;)

  • JamirT2

    Kim Kardashian is well known in Jamaica for her booty.

    • romer

      KimK is well known around the world for that booty and RayJ for his enormous dong not just in Jamaica. LMAO!

  • London Mix

    London shout out to Kim Kardashian!

  • horney guy

    I clicked on the RayJ video and kim kardashian comes up with him. Is she the only one he has a tape with because I have heard he has another one. I was thinking this might be a new one of him. btw bravo on the HD stream that thing loads quick! Good site fellas!!!

    • fun_girlz

      From what I know they only have the one sex-tape that is like 1hr long. If Kim leaked another one holy shit that would be funny and predictable at the same time.

  • Tyreese

    Hellz yeah mother fucker ma boi Ray J be taggin dat shitz all up in dare! Ray J da man! Praise Ray J Praise Ray J Praise Ray J Praise Ray J Praise Ray J!!!

    • Hoodrat_lover

      Damn right my nigga, kim kardashian has got it going on. I tap that paht azz any day. Kanye West is one ugly lucky mother fucker fo sho!


  • Tommy Twotone


    • Hoodrat_lover

      Agree… well kind of I do like watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape LOL!

    • Turn The Page

      Did you guys see the story on the Post of her and supposidly her mom set the entire sextape deal up I personally don’t belive it, but her mom is kinda a hoe bag so there is really no telling the truth from lies on this one. I remember shortly after Kim Kardasian made her sex-tape video her mom Kris Jenner then appeared in a huge Playboy cover spread. She was butt ass naked in the pictures and well shit for an older lady she did not look half bad fo sho.

      I would hit it ;)

  • Kim Kardashian Fan Club

    Oh my Armenian American Queen Kim Kardashian… Let us go over some things about my girl. I saw the movie of Kim Kardashian & Ray J like the first day it was available after the launch in 2007 and was hooked on Kim Kardashian ever since. The tape made me sit back in my chair and just admire her beautiful body. Hated the fact that some ghetto ass black guy named Ray J was hitting it. Man that just sucks… Anyways… I now follow her very closely as she is just simply intriguing to me. I remember when Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan used to all hang out at the clubs together and I still belive very strongly that Paris Hilton is the one that talked Kim into making and “leaking” the sex tape with Ray J, however I can not prove that but I think we all know the truth after watching the movie. Does anyone watch or did watch Keeping up with the Kardashians? That was a pretty good show, wish I could have been on one of the episodes that would have been cool. The crazy thing about Kim if you think about it she has slept with over 20 different celebrities that the public knows of I wounder how many would be added to that list of dudes we never heard of?! Kind of makes her a slut but still I don’t care. Her new relationship with that other rapper guy is just weird he looks like he has a donkey face. The baby would be so ugly if she mixed in that guy for sure! Anyways Kim Kardashian my girl, if you are reading this site please know that we love you and always will…

    Truly Your Biggest Fan!
    Call me ;)

    • freak

      Sounds like someone has some serious issues, If I was Kim and read your post I would feel a bit UN-easy.

    • SexTape Admin

      Yeah dude your post was a bit creepy. Though we don’t edit comments and will leave it here just in case… LOL

  • I LOL U

    Ok dude a few things…

    1. Kim Kardashian does not know you and could give a shit!
    2. You sound like a bit of a creeper.
    3. You sound like a bit of a creeper. LOL
    4. Use paragraphs if you are going to write a book on a blog.
    5. Don’t be upset if Kim does not call you
    6. You are weird! LMAOROTF

    That is all for now.

  • TMZ Fans

    I keep up with TMZ and see Kim Kardashian on the front page almost every single day, hard to believe this has been going on since the sex tape was released in 2003. I do not know many celebrities that have been able to stay in the celebrity news for so long. It is like if Kim farts all the news media reports Breaking News: Kim Kardashian sex tape super star farts LOL! I think it is time for Megan Fox or Katy Perry to step up and make a full blown sex-tape video for us. What do you guys think, are you with me?!

  • Nameless

    I seen the keeping up with the kardasians reality show 1 time. She is such a spoiled little brat that alone turns me off. Besides the fact that she uses her pussy as a train tunnel.

    • TMZ Fans

      “pussy as a train tunnel” HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Frank K

    all u hater just stop hating on her just cus she hot and your on it not nice to hate on pretty people u know?

  • Brant The Man

    Im wondering when her sisters and her mom will be putting out sex tapes. Maybe they already have them they just havnt been leaked yet.

  • Red5150

    Just thought you all might need to know.. Raid!! Kills bugs dead!!!!!!!!

  • Huffington Poster

    Kim Kardashian, Ray j or someone Kim has had sex on tape with is on Huffington Post every damn day. I gotta be honest it gets a bit annoying every time I go there, I see her big ass. Not saying she does not have a nice ass… oh she most certainly does. But after seeing the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape booty every day for the last 5 years gets a bit old.

    I’m just saying I hope a new great one leaks soon, Megan Fox anyone! ;)

  • puneeth

    Hey did anyone have the link of kim uncensored version i only got edited one .Heard that uncensored is too good .plzz send me link

    • Ginger

      Just click on the link below her photo at the top of this page they have the full uncensored version in the members area. You will not find this sex tape for free from anywhere and these guys are the best priced and quality. Porn hub and xvideos and all the other celebrity tube sharing sites only offer about a 5 minute clip of the Kim Kardashian sex tape but in the members area here you get the entire tape and all the bonus footage of Kim and Ray J hanging out and doing stupid shit all day.

      • I Farted!

        Yeah goofy just click on the watch “watch videos – nsfw” link at the top and in the sites members area you can see the full unedited video plus the bonus pictures and videos as well. I don’t know how many sites I went to before coming here where I thought I was going to see the video but got nothing. I am pretty sure Vivid is the company that licensed the video and they have a deal with this site to offer the full video… kinda a win win for everyone. I have no idea why I didnt just come here in the first place would have saved me alot of searching time. Oh well live and learn people, live and learn.

        Love this site btw, great job!

  • ActionJackson

    Kim: I’m a beautiful person
    Oprah: (reading between the lines) so, whore. Sure we’ll buy that.
    Kim: My Mom put me on birth control at 14.
    Oprah: So, Mom saw the early stages of whore-dom early on. Righto.
    Kim: I would never wish a sex tape on to anyone else.
    Oprah: Doesn’t want competition. High dollar whore. Gotcha.
    Kim: My marriage wasn’t a lie. I was in love.
    Oprah: Oh you were in love alright. In love with that Vivid money. On the day you got married sales of the your sex tape skyrocketed. Same thing happened on the day of the divorce. But all a coincidence I’m sure.
    Oprah: Sooo where would you be now if you didn’t have that tape.
    Kim: Fuck it. I’m a whore.

    • chuckmorris

      I about pissed myself when I read this. Toooooo funny!

  • Call me Momma

    I don’t consider myself a lesbian. But Kim Kardashian I would take home!!

  • Amsterlight

    Kim Kardashian went into a deep depression for 4 months after her wedding fell apart? Bitch you were married for 4 seconds. What sense does that make?!

  • lov ya

    hay sexy i am distrburted that poeple actacaly go around tring to get famusa poeple on camra but mind u u have tyhe most beatuful boby i seen i lov if u would email me a nice nude or seemy nude picture of u thks

    • Slim5

      Wow . . . Hooked on phonics much there, skippy?

  • Slim5

    The Kardashians . . . Proof the zombie Apocalypse is nigh.

  • Macandme

    Well Octomom’s sex tape come’s out tomorrow. Is sextape going to put that one up to. It surely won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t. In fact where’s that jar – the “money paid to keep celebrities to not to have sex on tape” jar

  • watchhhxxx

    i like this…..

  • Mactasty

    Kris Humphries has a new girlfriend. Blah, blah, blah! The real story is why he couldn’t make his marriage last – b*tch had a sextape with Black-a-saurus. What would you do?!

    • maimai

      Shoot myself and then her

  • Slimpickens

    I just can’t get enough of this sextape! Kim Kardashian is a sexy she beast

    • Macandme

      Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, I will admit is far better than the drool she did last night. I hear things like “Oh she was so wonderful in Drop Dead Diva”. Yeah, no wonderful is her takin it from behind like a naughty girl should : )

  • sevensixsplit

    KimKardahsian, Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson keepin it sexy for the rest of us!! More Sexptapes!

  • powertothepeople

    Kris Humphries is talking shit on Kris Jenner for actually producing KimKardashian’s sextape!

    • sevensixsplit

      Well according to TMZ Humphries has been banging Myla Sinanaj since January. Sooo yeah I don’t feel sorry for him.

  • macandme

    He banged out a Kardashian whore and got paid mega jack. And it’s not over – watch in the divorce settlement Kris Humphries will get paid fat from Kardashian’s huge estate from all the money she made from the porn and now being the number one product marketing chick for all the girl products.

    • Joshua Collie

      u r hot. do u want to have sex with me. lets fuck all night long

  • Joshua Collie

    u r sexy. can I have a glass of milk from your damn sexy boobies!!!

    • tool

      Agreed!!!!!… If I was Kims kid I would never give up on sucking them tits. I would be 10 years old still sucking on them perfect celebrity boobs if she would let a brother. I mean really have you guys seen them in the video…. they are perfection, great sized with awesome dark thick armanian celebrity nipple action. yum yum

  • Castillo

    Well Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty (good!) so the world an keep on spinning. Next up – the Kardashian’s sucks off the jury for convicting the bastard

    • Troy

      Only if the entire jury is dark meat.

  • Seventensplit

    Hey KimK if you are needing a personal escort/stalker guy I’m your man (call me)

  • macandme

    Ray J’s life – Didn’t do shit, didn’t do shit, didn’t do shit. Fucked a white hoe on tape, boom he’s a celebrity

  • Johnny5

    All that shit talk on the Kardashian’s and it turns out . . . Even they, collectively, aren’t as crazy as Tom Cruise or the even crazier Scientology : ). All I gotta say now is, run Katie ruuun!!!

    • Macandme

      Well shit, no duh! You ever watch that vid of Tom Cruise talkin about Scientology. The whole thing was like huh?! It barely made any sense at all. There’s bat shit crazy then there’s this friggin guy. And agreed, on a scale of 1 – 10 and the Kardashian gang sitting at 3 Mr. Cruise cruises in at a 11 ( see what I did there? Mr Cruise cruises – fuck me I’m a damn funny mother fucker, not to mention hung like a horse, unlike the cruisin Mr Cruise, I mean not that I would know mind you but mental cases aren’t known for their gerth . . . Me, of course, I am. So hey Kim – call me)

  • Stacy Helped

    My god I see this bitch Kim Kardashian or one of the other Kardashians in the news every single day! It gets old always reading about the same bitch that made a (I must admit really good) sex-tape. Kim K & Ray J did everything perfect by making the sextape in 2003 while they where friends with non-other than Paris Hilton. Then they waited 4 years to leak the video to the public when she had started to get out of the news with Paris. Boom her sex-tape video was so good she was an instant star.

    What is it with interracial sex tapes that do so well? I am not sure… I don’t get off watching some Armenian chick from Beverly Hills taking a cock that looks like a petrified log. I mean damn Ray J’s dick is so big it would scare the shit out of me and Kim Kardashian took that thing in her bum and only moaned a bit and told Ray J to fuck her harder! OUCH!!!!

    I do admit though… yeah I masturbated to the video many times and always got off when Ray J stuck it in Kim’s butt hole. mmmm I loved that yes I did.

    Ok last thing I am going to mention is when do you guys think the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tapes will leak or do you think she will never do that shit again on film?

    • Lukewarm

      The very second Kim Kardashian’s fame starts to slip then yes of course she’ll put out another sextape. And you know it will be with Kanye. That’s how famous people stay famous – they marry/fuck on tape other super famous people. I do find the whole fascination with the Kardashian’s to be pretty entertaining. Kim and gang themselves don’t really do all of that for me but it’s the reaction of others to them that I can’t get enough of. Which makes her a very smart woman. She knows how to keep even people like me who aren’t all that interested engaged as well. For thr amount of fame she’s received not to mention the fortune she’s made, is it all worth it? You betcha sweet ass!!! I’d have done it.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    Wow Stacy! Sounds like you have some issues and it is a no wounder Kim Kardasian is so famous because of her tape.

    P.S. Can I help you masturbate some time, just shoot me an email and I will be there to help ya out!

  • Celebs Rock!

    Some of you guys are just pure haters. Kim is absolutely perfect in every way and exactly what any male looks for. She is smart as hell with her sense of business and is any marketing gurus dream! Think about it, Kim markets everything from cars, food, diet stuff, makeup hell she could even sell a ketchup Popsicle to a person wearing white gloves. Not to mention her looks, Kim is one of the sexiest celebrities to ever have sex on tape and probably will hold that record for hundreds of years.
    Anyone that has seen the sextape video of Kim and Ray J, I guarantee watch it more than 5 times a day! I know I do. I keep up on anything Kim and or her family the Kardashians. I think the entire family is very interesting right down to her smart ass mom for promoting her hot ass daughters. I know she is one proud mother for sure. If I had a daughter I would be fine with her fucking a black man as long as she ended up 1/4 as famous as Kim.
    Just go to any news source online and I would bet that somewhere on the first page will be a story about either Kim or her family in some way. I see her big perfect ass on The Huffington Post every day. How many celebrities can say that they are featured on the Post every day? I would bet none.
    So in closing all you people that hate on her, sit back for a minute and think about what all she has accomplished in life in such a short period of time. Now I know some of the prudes out there will say she is nothing but a hoe because of her sex on tape video. Put that aside and think about it from the professional point of view. Everyone has sex it is a part of life. It just so happened to make her rich and famous and I know anyone reading this or that would visit this site would do the same exact thing in a millisecond given the chance!

  • kadie doller

    That sex video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J is mother fucking awesome in HD.

    • sextapes

      Damn right it was kadie! I must say if you are not a Kim Kardasian fan you will be after you see her and RayJ tearing it up in the sextape video. My faviorit part of the film is when he is hitting her booty from behind and Kimmy moans for him to hit it harder. Any woman that ask a man with that size of a penis to “hit it harder” is a trooper in my book for sure!

      Speking of Kimmy, have you guys seen the stuff on her at funny how some guys in countries like China can go to jail for watching her video. Let me just say though to all you in those countries that do not allow celebrity videos. Watch them anyways, you will not be disappointed and have the best nutt of your life after watching KimKardashian & RayJ.

      Kimmy Lover Forever,
      Peace Out All!!!!!!

      P.S. Check out Kim Kardashian facebook page here: Ikeep in touch with her every day via her facebook and twitter accounts ( Kim Kardasian Twitter Account:!/KimKardashian/ )

  • Ruby

    All I have to say is kimmy is a sextape professional! I love the story on her where it says people can go to jail for watching her video but they watch anyways. That is my friends some powerfull celebrity nude content.

    The Kardashians are in a leauge of thier own with marketing.

  • Maybesadie

    Okay the whole notion that if you’re a dude and fuck a lot that’s fine and if you’re a woman you are a whore has always been a bullshit double standard. Woman or man, if you can’t keep your pants on then you are a whore-bag end of story. So this whole time I’ve felt sorry for Kris Humphries for getting shacked up with queen of whores Ms Kim Kardashian. But what do I find out? This mug just got his girlfriend pregnant! You can read the bullshit here too –

    • rabbit


  • makinwhoopy

    I know the Kardashian’s are everywhere these days and it’s popular to hate on them because everyone is jealous of their fame. But that’s just it, people are envious tools. I for one have seen them go from fringe D list celebs to the rock star royalties they are now. I think they are more beautiful today than they ever have been. A testament to the fame and money maybe. But don’t like it? Don’t watch it! If you’re just jealous, well then get over yourself. She and her family didn’t do anything that anyone else can’t do. So instead of bitchin and moanin go out there a become the celebrity you want everyone to be like. I’m sure you’ll care about people bitchin and crying about you as much as Kim and family cares about you doing the same about them.

    • samiam

      Couldn’t have said it better myself : )

    • baraberella

      Makinwhoopy is makin some sense : ) Check this article where Kim and Kanye visited a children’s hospital in LA –
      When’s the last time you did the same? So before you judge look to thine own eyes.

  • Jeffrysdahmer

    Okay, is there some black cock Kim Kardashain hasn’t got up on? Now she’s with Kanye West! So maybe Kris Humphries is a white dude. But does that count? She was married to him for half a nano-second. You have to defy physics just to have watched the entire marriage end to end. And also doesn’t Kanye have beef against girls who aren’t black (see Taylor Swift)? But I guess all of that goes out the door when it’s a Kardashain who wants on your black chaud. One more thing and I’ll get off of my soap box – this clip of her and Kanye West looks soooo fake. It’s like the two doesn’t even know or like the other, they seem to be just romping around for the fame. Celebrities – what won’t they do, right?

    • blackjack

      Kim is blowing me right now

  • Griffin

    Kimk and Kris Humphries can’t do it. Tom Cruise and wife a no go. Laura Dern and spouse are calling it quits. This proves if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Celebrities do just fine bumping uglies on tape but the married thing they should leave to the sane rest of us : )

  • jerryscan
  • cpt cave man

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • markandsend

    The Kardashian’s are a great family. Most families absolutely hate each other and you never see them together. Not this clan! They seem to always have time for each other and as their family grows so does their love. Something for all the haters out there to pay attention to. Kim Kardashian may be a slut but her mom is even worse for making the entire ordeal happen with the devil Steve Hirche.

  • Magic steve

    Soooo Kanye West’s new song serenades Kim Kardasain while slams on Kris Humphries . . . . Why stop there pal. Why not slam on the hundred other dudes out there She got up on? You got yourself a revolving door of a girlfriend, what’s not to love. LMAO!

    • Robert Loggia

      Ha ha ha! Ever think Kim Kardashian puts hash marks on her wall with the different people she slept with? Walk in her house the wall is scratched up end to end : ). Doh!

  • Kent Clark

    You know you’re famous when the Golden Girls watch your sex tape ; )

  • mangini

    WTF kind of name is Penelope Scotland Disick anyway? Her last name might was well be Dick Suck! Kindergarten is going to dick suck for this one that’s for sure. Ha!

  • Star scream for ice cream

    Since I felt I was the only person left on earth who hadn’t watch Kim’s video. I went here and caught it. My take? It’s a porno. I’ve seen my fair share of them so after watching this I’m still a little baffled on why she’s so famous. She’s so famous her family’s famous. All because of this thing. I wouldn’t call it pure shit, she is a looker after all. But to the extent of fame she achieved because of this tells me it’s more about having the right Hollywood agent than anything else. With that said I’m gonna take her tape for another spin ; )

  • Dana Fortnight

    In watching Keeping p with the Kardashians last night it’s pretty clear to me that Scott is a little cry baby mamma’s boy. That’s probably why Kourtney doesn’t want to marry you, chief.

    • kimmyfan_girl

      I watch that show and love it. I have no idea why, I guess just like watching about a chick that is in the news every fucking day LOL!

  • KaduKanu

    Before I sign up for this tape, please tell me that it is the real Kim Kardashian porn tape.thanks

  • kimlover233

    she is sooooooo fine i mean all those men that got close enough to tap that ass nice job!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karina maldonado

    donde puedo ver el video gratis

  • bosshawgg

    mane y we gtta pay to see tha video dats sum bullshit..

  • tyson

    anyone please let me use someones account to watch the kim kardashian sex tapes for free please.

  • Jaxon

    Damn kim I the hottest bitch I’ve ever seen she is so sexy I wish that was my dick!

  • nitincena

    Where do I go to download the video of Kim Kardashian? I tried Pirate Bay but that didnt work and Pornhub and Xvideos just has a short clip. I want to watch the full uncut video?… please let me know.

    • nin

      Just click on the giant link that says (watch sex tape videos) under the post… that’s what I did and it was the real full uncut Kim Kardashian sex tape. I must also add, my god that woman knows how to through down LMAO! Awesome flick for sure, I really do hope that Kanye does “leak” the footage he has of her on his cell phone. I am now in love with Kim Kardashian forever… gigiddy!

  • kimmyfan_girl

    I must say wow! I just watched the video recently after being told to from a few co-workers and man Raay J is packing some serious man meat. I have never even seen one in real life that big. I like

  • rockin

    Kim K Superstar is a kick ass sex tape video, I liked very much and I am also a Kim Kardashian fan now for life. giggle giggle

  • jackie

    My god why is that girl so hot, makes it tuff for those of us not so blessed with godess looks…. bitch LOL

  • Heldo

    One of the best sex tapes ever made in my opinion of celebrity nude videos.

  • robbin69

    The Kim Kardashian sex tapes are the best.

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  • amir

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    kim kardashian is good as gold.

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  • Muhad Loco

    Kim Kardashian has got to be one of the hottest chicks I have ever seen.

  • Amay 2345

    I want to watch the Kim Kardashian sex tapes for free, I do not want to pay the dollar, does anyone know where the full uncut Kim Kardashian porn video is for free?

  • Where is the real sextape she had with Ray-J? I want to watch that again and play that on a big screen before her wedding to Kanye West. LOL

    • Northwest Dude

      Just enter the site that was where I saw it…. Though not to much into interracial sex tapes, Kim Kardashian is so beautiful the video would have been better if it was a white dude hitting it instead of the monkey.

  • AztecLover

    Kim Kardashian Superstar is one of the best sex tapes I have ever seen. This chick knows how to handle a dick like a porn star. Great video A+ for this tape for sure! Make sure to watch it in the HD format it is so clear you think you are the one tapping her booty from behind.

  • Kardashian Fan

    The Kim Kardashian sex tapes are good.

  • J. Long

    If Ray never leak tape no one would’ve ever gave 2 cents about Kim. By the way, size is relative, Ray’s not that big.

  • Lori

    Ray J not that big you say *J.Long*? I would hate to know what your idea of a “big penis” is. Yes, Kim Kardashian handled Ray J no problem even taking it in the booty hole, but damn… as a woman I would not want one even the size of Ray J it would be uncomfortable at best. Don’t get me wrong I am not looking for a “little” man but just average size of 6-7″ is fine by me and more than enough. Kim is probably just all stretched out and used to big dongs as she has had so many.

    • Jeffrey

      ^Wow, ho much to watch the uncensored sex tapes of Kim Kardashian and Ray J?^

    • Pete Dillon

      If Kim Kardashian had as many sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her, she would look like a porcupine.

  • I have nothing better to do

    Ok first things first, Kim Kardashian is fucking nuts and the entire Kardashian’s family is nothing but a bunch of media whores. Now that… that’s out the way, yes I have seen the video and though it is long like Ray J I think the entire parts where they are just floating around the hotel were worthless. Who wants to see that, now when it got to the good parts yeah I have to agree with the rest of the world it is probably the best sex tape ever made and nastiest as she takes his load in the face and takes it up her fine ass boot that she recently showed to the world again in the Paper nude photos. I also see that you reported that she has some other tapes possibly made with Kanye her good for nothing ass hole husband. I am going on record right now saying that there will be a follow up to her original tapes either with Kanye or before even Ray J as she was having sex with tons of people back when her mom Chris Jenner was trying to get rich through her daughter. I feel for that kid. what’s it’s name North West? What a fucking stupid ass name, I mean who the hell names their kid a direction.? And TMZ just reported that Kim and Kanye may be having marriage problems. Ya think??? A slut and a rapper are having marriage problems who would have thought. LOL Ok I am done now but had nothing better to do. PS I like this site…… tit’s pretty cool lmao

  • Bone Thug

    It’s rumored on celebrity gossip sites like TMZ and EOnline that Kim and Kayne are having “problems” in their relationship and have not been seeing each other very much at all. Sources close to the celebs are saying that rumors are that Kanye is messing around on Kim while he is “away on business”.

  • WetOne

    I loved the Kim Kardashian sex tape porn videos and rate them as a 5 star simply awesome! The part where Ray J is fucking her in that big ass booty and I was done. ;)

  • EaglesUpBitches

    The kardashian name will always be known now as the women that suck and fucked their way to the top. The mom is horrible for her part in the entire ordeal. She said she had nothing to do with it but we all know different. I mean what fucking mom goes to a playboy shoot with her daughter after the leak of her sex tapes? No normal mother with any type of morals would do some shit like that. But yet she enjoys all the millions of $ that Kim has brought to the table for the entire Kardashian family. The public masses are so stupid for following everything the Kardashian’s do.

  • Rugart.Loss

    I have seen the full uncensored kim kardashian sex tapes and liked them. Is she going to have a part 2 with Kanye? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Buffed

    Okay, can this fucking family be anymore fucked up!!! First Kim K sucks and fucks her way into stardom, literally!! Then the Kardashians shows us the inner workings of this abortion. And now Bruce Jenner is on a “journey” to be a WOMAN! Holy fucking shit!!!!!

    • 76 to 77

      Kim K for life bitch. No lie! Don’t care what her family does with themselves. it’s all about that ass!!!

    • Hawkeye

      Bruce Jenner?! Yo foo! You need to have a coke and smile and shut the hell up. If Chaz Bono can change then why not Kim Kardashian’s step dad/mom

  • Celena Brown

    Bet ya didn’t know Beyonce Knowles have more naked pictures than Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj combined. I’m not joking…

  • Danny

    AllHipHop just said there was a threesome sex tape with Kim, Kanye and a un-known young blond female… yeah right. I agree with Sex Tape until I see it I call bull shit. Funny how every single site out there now wants to report on sex tapes to get traffic. Keep it real guys doing a cool job!

  • Dot

    That music video with Kim on front of Kanyes motorcycle while she is naked was so funny! I think they thought it was sexy, but if that was sex with Kim, she was acting incredibly bored! Is Kanye that bad, or is Kim overused!?

  • Transvestite

    I wounder how long until Kim Kardashian’s dad Jenner comes out with a gay sex tape?

    • Diddy

      For real right, I guess that would be the first ever celebrity transgender video ever made. Kim would be so proud of her dad er mom er whatever he/she is now lol!!!!!

  • Erica Lawrence

    Someone took a big flag of Kim Kardashian giving Ray J head to one of Kanye’s concerts and was waving it around. BIG news on Twitter trends.

  • Sasha

    I love Kim. She is so hot! I’m glad I saw her on tap! She looks awesome!

  • Homeless Dude

    HAHAHA Now Kanye has sex tapes with Amber Rose and Kim is trying to cool down the feud that is going on between them. She just does not like for the sex tape limelight to be off her and her slut family.

  • Da Ripper

    Kim K just doing her thing…

    • Gun_Owner69

      God I wish I was a Popsicle right now!

  • Saunders_Legit

    My god this family is a bunch a freaks, now pretty much the entire family has verified sex tapes out there. I am pretty sure they are leaking all these scandals themselves, knowing damn well that they will help keep the Kardashian name in the media.

  • Kim K Superstar Fan

    The Kim K Superstar sex tape is still one of the most downloaded adult porn videos of all time for a reason. It is very long at almost 2hrs and shows a young white woman with a huge bbc black male bull, that plows her like a farmer at harvest. Still in my opinion one of the best tapes ever made.

  • Crystal

    Can I download the full 2hr Kim Kardashian sex tape for free in the members area?


      Yup, all you have to do is click on the little gear icon when playing the video, and you can download it straight to your pc, phone or tablet. Pretty cool they let you even do that as Vivid does not.


    The Kardashian’s are nothing more than a bunch of skanky hoe-bags. The entire family is only famous for leaking sex tapes and creating scandals in Hollywood. I still have no idea why her tape did so well for her when there is a ton others that are much better.

  • Opiod Freak

    Kim K just endorsed Hillary Clinton. HAHAHAHA!