Lady Gaga is known for being… well a bit crazy and a great singer, now we may be able to add celebrity sex tape video star to her performances as according to recent media the Lady Gaga sex tape video has made its way to the net, however we are a bit suspicious about the entire report started by non other than MediaTakeOut.

They reported that new video has leaked of what appears to be Lady Gaga and an un-known female in a VIP section of a London night club. Then later that night there is about 5 people drunk off their asses in a very nice London hotel room and you see Lady and all the other women in the video getting naked performing sexual acts on each other that was all caught on someone’s mobile device. The video in our eyes (MediaTakeOut) is Lady Gaga plain as day and there is no doubt at all. We have still not been able to find out who the other females where that were getting down and dirty with Gaga but she sure does look to be having some fun with so much attention on her!

UPDATE – Lady Gaga was asked about the sex tape video footage recently by me personally and she said: “I like sex and will never hide from it, I only embrace it. Have I made sex tapes, hell yes but they are not online for anyone’s viewing pleasure, they are for me only.”

UPDATE – New video has surfaced of Lady Gaga in the bathroom and according to the reports she ends up playing with herself spred eagle. Though a pretty quick video you get to see her playing with her goods full and uncut, err I mean shaved. lol

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