We thought about not reporting this because he is such a great guy but we are what we are so recently reported NBA stud Lebron James now has what is said to be a full blown interracial sex tape video with a super fine stripper that caught the entire thing on video and she now says she has the Lebron James sex tape video to prove her claims.

Lebron had recently visited a local strip club in Miami with some close friends and left with a very little white girl named Tiffany about 5’2″ that was not stripping but working the VIP section at the bar. According to reports Lebron was drunk off his ass and she filmed the entire encounter with her cell phone while Lebron was half way passed out but was still able to slam dunk her ass.

We personally called his rep and they of course had no comment at this time until they could get more information on the video. The one thing that we can not figure out is how can a man that big be with a girl that small and not kill her LOL!

[UPDATE] – Lebron is claiming the tall man in the video is not him and would like this not to be discussed any further as it could impact his family life. We are going to respect his request and simply let users decide if it is in-fact him in the video with the little stripper chick.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of SexTape.com. I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Lauren

    Holy Crap I wana see this one for sure!

    • Bev

      Oh yeah!!

  • Ron

    I bet that man has a huge dong, can’t wait to see that naked ass. When are all these celebrities going to learn that strippers are nothing but money hungry skanks that will do anything to get some bank. Stop going to strip clubs and there ya go no more nude sex tape news for basketball players, football players, baseball well you get what I mean ;)

    • Sailor

      Just because he is tall and black automaticly means he has a huge penis? I am tall and black and have a small penis, this is some bullshit LOL

  • Pollard

    Every man has temptations and a man in his position probably gets more than his fair share. But from what I have read on Lebron James is that he is a very good whole hearted man. It is to bad that this one bit of weakness will taint his rep with those close to him.

    • Makethe

      Man I hope not. Look what it did to Tiger Woods. Poor guy was shattered after his exploits. But Lebron is a big boy he’ll be a’ight!

  • whoop_doo

    I want me some Lebron James, that manis one fine ass piece of meat!

    • Bev

      Piece of meat! Ha ha : 0 You ain’t wrong though!!

  • beetz

    Well then let’s hope it ain’t you then if it’s gonna mess up your family life.

  • grunger pal

    Ah shit Lebron gettin it on in Miami. Ohio just kept him down but now that he’s in the big city of Miami it’s on!!

  • grunger pal

    Sorry about your luck there bub

  • Sky Kite

    You know it’s him!! Just got mixed up with a stripper is all. Celebs have to watch their step though when it comes to them bars

    • Massy

      You know where you can’t get busted with a tape? At home in yo bed alone. Funny how that works

      • Ronin

        If it turns up that it’s some other guy then I guess you very well can get busted with a tape at home in bed alone : )

        • Massy

          One look at the tats and you know it’s Lebron. Basketball stars are notorious on visiting stripper bars. I’m not saying he’s not a stand up guy. I’m sure his wife is beating his to next Tuesday though

          • Massy

            Kobe anyone?

  • Massy

    Plus he’s one of the greatest living basketball players of all time. He can’t a little piece of ass from time to time?

  • Cutter

    You’d think that’d be happening at home

  • Jerry

    Maybe maybe not. People will say anything to get there face and name out there. But I guess in this case the stripper is keeping herself mum. Probably because she doesn’t want Lebron’s fiancee to come up in there