Things go from bad to worse for Chinese politicians and exposed political scandals with the new district party secretary Lei Zhengfu naughty sex tape videos that made its way to the net all the way from China. This will be the 4th set of videos that have been leaked to the net and lead to resignations of random official members of the Chinese government with the most recent being of course the Lei Zhengfu clips.

The movie features Lei Zhengfu banging on what appears to be an 18year old girl (we call bull s**t, she does not look 18) that was paid to sleep with city officials and hired by developers for blackmail/extortion purposes. The video run time is about 30min of the much older Lei having his way with the young girl with the camera rolling right next to them without Lei even knowing that the entire sexual encounter was being filmed. The Communists Party was quick to fire the secretary right after the news of the sex tape had hit the net.

This video was released in China and just hit the states full and un-cut. Though we had heard about the video it could not be found due to Chinese officials blocking internet access to certain files. Well, on the December 20, 2012 a full copy was finally acquired and made available to view. The funny thing about the video is that the girl that is having sex with Lei has been arrested before for blackmail. The private individuals that have been releasing all these sex scandals have gone on record saying they are going to crackdown on all the corruption within the party.

Calls to Lei’s reps and office have not been returned to us though they have gone on record with local media saying that everything has been taken care of regarding the tape.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every sex tape scandal that makes the news becomes a released tape. Just because we have an article on the latest celeb scandal does not mean that the tape is available.
Note: Not all sex tapes scandals on the news feeds and stories are available for public viewing. Legal restraints keep many of them from seeing the light of day.

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  • Ngyen Rule

    The Communist Party and Chinese Government is more corrupt than that of the United States. Every official deals with bribes both giving them and receiving them all the time. Women are treated like shit, worse than Americans treat a family pet. I hope all the scandals come out in the open about those crooks. I moved from Vietnam to China for a while and could not believe all the corruption of that country… I know because I was a employee for local media paper….. granted I was a piss ant but still saw all the shit that was going on that no one would even report on as they are all scared.

  • rubics

    I don’t care what anyone says pussy and sex tapes are where the real power is. HAHAHA!

    • Mars

      You are right dude how many politicians from China have been busted in celebrity sex tape video blackmail scandals I think I have read about 20+ of them. Those guys need to learn to keep it in your pants. But they are in the position for the power and power = pussy just like you said. Bravo

  • Tao Lover

    These type of scandals happen all the time over there, the women are treated as objects to these type of men nothing more. Underground prostotution in the region is huge business, look it up.

  • Mark

    A fat ass old bald asian man with a small penis bangs a willing and wanting fine ass 18 year old. He should have known something was up with that shit. It is his own fault for getting caught up in this scandal.