Leonardo DiCaprio sex tape video could very well be the real deal finally as we previously reported about with his supermodel ex-girlfriend Gisele Bundchen!

According to reports while Leonardo DiCaprio was dating fashion super model Gisele Bundchen from 2001-2005 the power couple had nude video leak after a party in London. The video features the duo on a mobile recording device getting their drink on and then proceeding to have full blow sex on tape while the video continued to record the actor and his model girlfriend (who we might add is a bit of a moaner). LOL

When calls where placed to DiCaprio’s management team was called they replied “We have heard about the video and currently looking into the rumor, keep in mind if we find that it is indeed Leo we will seek legal action to block any video or images and sue the distributor” Damn! His management team does not mess around!!!

[UPDATE] – Another woman has claimed to have leaked video of Leonardo after supposedly hooking up with the superstar after a Lakers game in LA. The video does appear to be Leo though we will not say for sure and let the public decide for themselves. ;)

  • Rick_R

    The video is of Gisele Bundchen I am pretty sure but you really can not make out the guys face as when he is not in frame long enough to tell. I hit pause about 50 times trying to figure out if it was Leonardo DiCaprio but could not tell. Gisele though my god what a body!