American actress, fashion designer, model and recording artist Lindsay Lohan most known for always getting into trouble and in the news on a daily basis has been yet again caught up in scandal. This time however… it is for a supposed sex tape while she was drunk off her ass, though alcohol was involved (real shocker there) the scandal is what Lindsay fans and foes have been waiting to watch forever and that is of course the Lindsay Lohan sex tape video.

The video being talked about with a run time of around only 8 min shows what is said to be Lindsay giving a crazy blowjob to her ex-boyfriend Calum Best in the VIP section of a local LA club and yup you guessed it, Lindsay was supposedly drunk off her ass during the entire thing and completely oblivious that she was being recorded in front of everyone at the club with no remorse. Lindsay is not new to celebrity sex tape video scandals as she was busted with her female DJ girlfriend Sam Ronson earlier after the video was stolen from her cell phone and leaked to the net.

There was also several nude photos to go along with the video content. We have seen the video in question and cannot tell if it is Lindsay or not due to quality so this is another video that we will leave up to readers to decide for themselves on the authenticity but as far as we are concerned, we are going on record saying that no it is not Lindsay. Now, let us also say that Lindsay has been with more male and female celebrities than we can even count so the odds that she does in fact have a tape is a very high percent.

Calls to Lindsay’s reps have gone un-returned thus far as we still can not figure out who her management team is at this time because she goes through managers like most people go through underwear. Lindsay was asked about the video with Calum but her reply was simply the middle finger to the paparazzi that asked her about the naughty video.

[UPDATE] – The lesbian videos of Lindsay and Sam have now been said to hit the web and show what appears to be Lindsay and Sam plain as day getting high and playing with each other while another person in the room is filming on their phone. The video is said to be very short and the person holding the camera seems to be drunk as s**t as the camera never really focuses in on the action. Again we watched it and can say that it is not Lindsay… though we are still waiting for the humdinger video that we know is out there somewhere just waiting to please all the Lindsay Lohan fans.

[UPDATE] – Lindsay is currently shopping around a tell all book so we’re guessing if there are any Lindsay sex tapes they’ll be mentioned in the book. Stay tuned…

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  • angelo

    ok Lindsay Lohan is my girl… she is only in trouble all the time because of those dumb ass paparazzi that are always following her around waiting for her to screw up. Just think if you had 10 people following you with a camera 24/7. Anyways, Love the Lohan sex tapes, thanks hehe

  • AbdulaRkim

    Lindsay Lohan video movie was good thanks! I can’t wait to see her play Liz Taylor I heard she is doing a great job so far in production. Her blow job sex tape was pretty good, what was her boyfriends name? The one she was sucking off in the club?

    • Lance Keller


  • Randy Harris

    So sick of hearing about this trash. I would rather see Oprah get hosed.

  • golf_fan


  • Jake from statefarm

    I cant believe they choose her to play the part of Liz Taylor. Wonder how long it will take for them to fire her.

  • menaukembeggin

    Ah Lindsay so hard to be you. “I’m exhausted I’ve worked 85 hrs in 4 days! Oh whoa is me!” Yeah try can’t put food on the table cuz I’m broke bitch!

    • JayCee

      Wow. Maybe you should spend more time gettin that food on the table and less on bitchin about how hard people have to work on a celebrity web site.

    • Urgay

      If ur broke then y do u have a computer/smart phone dumb ass, mabie ur broke bc u dont understand that smart phones and computers cost money…

  • Seventensplit

    Didn’t LindsayLohan have to go back to jail recently because of probation violations? Talk about not being able to get your shit straight

  • yudaparamita

    its very god

  • Made$$

    Lindsay has a ton of nude pictures and video my god girl stop drinking so much LOL

  • Ronnie_H

    OMFG do you guys remember the family guy episode where Peter wishes for Lindsay Lohan to walk in naked backwards hahahah to funny!!!!!

    • Hooka

      I seen it made pop come out of my nose great family guy for sure ;)

  • Brians

    So she was busted sucking off her boyfriend in a local night club filmed by just some random dude watching her. My god what a freak and train wreck. I bet she was snokerd drunk off her ass to let people watch her.


    Is Lindsay Lohan having sex with that old rich guy from New York now? Or just hooking up with him because he lets her stay there and drive his cars? Seen the story on TMZ.

  • 69me

    I would like to have sexual relations with Lindsay Lohan. Can you have her contact me [email protected] thanks!

    • Country Boy

      Get in line there 69me and no they are not going to contact Lindsay Lohan and tell her you want to have sex with her, what are you retarded? Go jerk it a few times and forget about it. Jeez weirdo

    • liver

      First it is not a good thing to post your email on a public blog, second wow dude you really think your info will be passed to Lindsay. I hope SexTape records IP’s in case anything happens to Lindsay.

    • mr. jones

      Yeah dude you just weird man.

  • Geek

    I cant believe she does this in front of a crowd of people in public. Has there ever been a public celebrity sex tape LOL!

  • Dick

    She was young in that pic.

  • BritneyP

    You guys need to be nice Lindsay has tons of problems all due to the paparazzi fucking with her all the damn time. You would be a train wreck to if you had the money she used to have and have people follow you around all damn day trying to take your pictures.

  • celebs suck

    How many times has Lindsay, Kim and Paris been busted wearing no painties flashing the world their pussies? I remember several videos and pictures that would come out anytime they all went out and got drunk off their asses. Must be nice to be rich and famous and not have to do shit but party and fuck all day/night. Bitches

    • spencer

      Haters gonna hate

  • greed

    Another sex tapes courtesy of Disney incorporated HAHAHA! Miley Cyrus is next!

  • BrianB

    Lindsay Lohan was drunk as shit you can see in her eyes in the video of her blowing her old boyfriend in the club she can not focus her eyes. When you can not focus your eyes you know that you are fucked up, why she gave him a blow job is well understood. When I get that drunk I will do just about anything as well.

  • Donald harryman

    Seems to me america still wearing pampers because people doesn’t understand that ones have to make a living.

  • Tony P.

    If that girl could stay out of trouble for more than a few days I would be surprised. Lindsay needs to re-evaluate what is important in life.

  • Richard

    Lindsay Lohan caught on tape having sex and blowing some guy while she was drunk off her ass. Why am I along with the rest of the world not surprised at all about this tape. <:)

  • William

    I have not heard much from Lindsay in a while, wounder what she has been up to? Seems to be kind of hiding or something… is she still fucking around with girls or is she strictly on men again?

    • Fowler_6953

      Lindsay Lohan has been hanging in Europe a lot. I have actually personally seen her at a couple night clubs. It seems like Paris and Lindsay have both kind of moved to London. They are spending more time there than anywhere.

  • Brian_69

    I would totally do Lindsay Lohan she turns me on with her bad girl attitude and the fact that she goes both ways is a bonus! I have seen all of Lindsay’s nude photo scandals and I just love her little freckled skin. Who is she dating right now? Girl or Guy or both LMAOROTF!

  • Tonu Pocu

    Where the hell has Lindsay gone in the media? It seems as though no one is reporting on her anymore. I checked her Twitter account @lindsaylohan but it seems like it is not her and more of a marketing company that keeps her tweets up to date. It is like she disappeared off the map.

  • Blade9656

    Lindsay Lohan is cool and I like her very much.

  • Erin P_69

    I have heard that Lindsay is like the town bike, everyone has had a ride on that. lmao!