Norwegian glamour model, pop singer and sex columnist for FHM magazine Linni Irene Meister and her ex-boyfriend Kristian Hillberg were associated with Big Brother Norway, she has also done some modeling which won’t surprise you as she is one of the hottest women on the planet and now will be known as the Linni Meister sex tape video. Linni is also known in the states after she recorded a cover on Destiny’s Child’s hit song “Survivor”, which was released by C+C Records.

In the Linni Meister sex tape Linni has sex like it’s a horse race inside the big brother house with all the staff watching the entire deal live. She had sex with more than one of the men on the show and you can hear the camera men in the background giggling while she is getting pounded in the shower, on a couch, in her bed and the kitchen several times. Now that’s reality TV if you ask us!

We would have called both Linni’s and Big Brothers reps for comment, but apparently she does not have a management team and Big Brother had no comment. DOH! Advice to Linni is get a good PR firm next time before letting sex tapes leak to the net ;)