Yet another teacher has been busted for having sexual relations with one of her underage students and this time it is Argentinian Lucita Sandoval… but wait there’s more and the story gets pretty crazy especially after the news on the teacher went viral. Several sources are reporting the tapes that popped up on Xvideos was the real deal… However, that video was nothing more than some woman that looked like Lucita that has been positively identified by a friend via Facebook that the video is from a different Argentine city, Corrientes having sex with some Collage kid.

The real video shows an underage boy… we believe he was 16 at the time of shooting recording his teacher Lucita on an Iphone hooking the boy up sexually and doing everything you could imagine from a sex tape. The video run time is said to be about 30 minutes of first person shooter and even Mrs. Sandoval holds the camera herself at times while she films the boy doing her missionary style. Now with all that said, as you can see the affair with the young man would make this sex tape illegal in the states and thus not available via most adult media outlets… So, looks as though this viral sex tape is a no show for now until there is further developments. But keep your head up, you can still view the woman who appears in the videos that showed up on all those porn sites worldwide of the cougar MILF and collage kid.

UPDATE – The video that showed on xVideos there for a while has been pulled… we asked them about pulling the video and they replied “until we have complete confirmation that this video does not feature underage participants and has the permission of the two individuals involved it will not be re-posted.”

UPDATE – Calls to the newspaper that originally broke the story has confirmed what we reported as correct. Yeah… One for the good guys!

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  • Torez

    This was big news in the Latin community on Lucita and her tape with the kid. Where was teachers like this when I was a kid damit! LOL

  • Meg Baby

    This was trending like crazy on Twitter everyone was talking about the sex tape video of teacher Lucita Sandoval. It was crazy.

    • Bloker

      Yup I had seen a ton of this stuff as well. Gawker was all over the place… you guys need some Spanish writers here to keep up on Latin America sex tapes… There is a lot of them that are really damn good.

  • Saul 420

    Holy Shit , yo estaba buscando esta cinta de sexo todo el maldito día . Sucks que Xvideos lo llevó hacia abajo, pero al menos que ustedes tienen. ¿Es la chica que se parece a ella o al profesor real ?

    • William Walter

      C… LOL!

  • Contreras Right

    Lucita is very cute, I know a lot of girls that look like her but I agree with everyone else. What are these teachers doing having sex with their students all the damn time. Most of these teachers are super hot and could get a dick of age anywhere anytime. Makes no sense to me why they are going for little boys when they could have a real man any time they want one.

  • Future.Love

    When are these teachers going to learn to stop having sex with their students?! I can’t believe that almost every month you hear about a teacher having sex with a student and most of the time it is females sleeping with male students. It used to be just professors at collages sleeping with the girls. Oh how times have changed.

  • theliz ardman

    haha human laws versus natural laws human laws: you can have same sex marriage and anal f*cking but you cant have sex with a 16 yr old boy even you’re a female when on most religion it’s not illegal :D