Uh Oh… A pissed off celebrity ex-boyfriend claims to have the very naughty Marilyn Ghigliotti sex tape video. As anyone that has seen “Clerks” can tell you Marilyn Ghigliotti who famously handled 37 guys in the hit movie according to recent legal docs and now Ghigliotti has filed a request for a restraining order against the 47-year-old Eric Nyenhuis.

In the recent documents, Marilyn claims they had a pretty nasty split after living together up until around October 2011 … and he’s been constantly harassing her ever since.

One of  Marilyn claims are that Eric recently created a website dedicated to trashing her, and even insinuated that he’s in possession of a sex tape featuring the actress in “full blown nasty sex acts”. Marilyn claims she has no knowledge of any such tape and never consented to make one so the camera must have been hidden.

Marilyn is now asking the judge to force him to hand over any tapes that contain any sexual activity, leave her alone … and stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

[UPDATE] – Marilyn’s attempts to stop the videos from going public failed as they are now live and once they hit the net even for a second they live forever.

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  • The Dude!

    HAHAHA I remember this chick she was the girl that blew like 20+ dudes in the movie… I can’t remember the movie that she was in though, funny as shit though.

  • nin

    CLERKS is the name of the movie that Marilyn Ghigliotti was in… and she was known as the girl that in the movie blew like 20 dudes. It is a funny movie highly recomend!

  • Blake

    Okay, everybody stop what they’re doing and stare at The Dude! Where I come from (the western hemisphere) we call this one a friggin moron. How can you not know Clerks?! I mean I guess if you’re sixteen you may not, but then maybe you should spend more time talking to your parents about the tragedy of youth and less time at sextape.

  • sharon

    Marilyn Ghigliotti is my hero. And no not because she played a girl in a Kevin Smith movie who went down on a bunch of different men. But because truth be told she actually is an accomplished make up artist. That just says you don’t need to be an actor to “make it” in Hollywood. I would finger bang to her sex tape though – just sayin

  • marcus aurelius

    Listen here ‘ol chap . . . that is all.

  • MeatMeSamantha

    Just to put it out there, I think that Marilyn Ghigliotti sex tape is full of BS. First off, no offense, but you can’t count her as a celeb. I love Clerks! Best movie ever. It’s just that no one left that movie to go on to do the Titanic. No super stars were born on that day, let me tell ya. It’s a cheap ass flic with cheap ass actors doing a super funny ass and super great (but cheap) movie. So to put up here saying she has a sex tape is grasping at straws to make something out of literally nothing

  • TonyRobbins

    Just wanted to put in my two cents that I think that playing gotcha with scandals and nude-celebs-who-got-caught-with-exposed-pictures-in-a-nude-movie-where-the-rumor-has-it-they-have-busted-themselves-performing-sex-on-video takes away from discovering the power within.

    But no worries because you’re not too late to purchase “The New Science Of Personal Achievement” and “Awaken The Giant Within”, two of my best selling self help books.

  • Glengarry

    Hey look ma Tony Robbins visits What luck!

    • someyoungguy

      Who’s to say it isn’t mr Anthony Robbins himself? Funny as it may seem to you and me but the rich and powerful need to rub one out every now and again too. What better place than right here? : )

  • jackemsome

    I watched this thing. Looked like her to me. Sure I recognize her better with clothes on but she seemed pretty Marilyn Ghigliotti-ish to me.

  • lucky

    Marilyn Ghigliotti looks like a chick I banged in High School, liked the girl a lot but her pussy smelled like straight ass. Bitch had to go.

  • summersong

    Marilyn Ghigliotti is the mad note! I was once lost but now am found because she decided to bless me with her nakedness. Thank you!!

  • somedaynookie

    Uh, have you been hiding under a rock?! This is exactly how the D list become A listers in Hollywood today – they make a nude tape of themselves doing the nasty to gain additional exposure.