Uh Oh… A pissed off celebrity ex-boyfriend claims to have the very naughty Marilyn Ghigliotti sex tape video. As anyone that has seen “Clerks” can tell you Marilyn Ghigliotti who famously handled 37 guys in the hit movie according to recent legal docs and now Ghigliotti has filed a request for a restraining order against the 47-year-old Eric Nyenhuis.

In the recent documents, Marilyn claims they had a pretty nasty split after living together up until around October 2011 … and he’s been constantly harassing her ever since.

One of  Marilyn claims are that Eric recently created a website dedicated to trashing her, and even insinuated that he’s in possession of a sex tape featuring the actress in “full blown nasty sex acts”. Marilyn claims she has no knowledge of any such tape and never consented to make one so the camera must have been hidden.

Marilyn is now asking the judge to force him to hand over any tapes that contain any sexual activity, leave her alone … and stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

[UPDATE] – Marilyn’s attempts to stop the videos from going public failed as they are now live and once they hit the net even for a second they live forever.