Super hot celebrity Megan Fox who is known mostly for her appearance on the hit movie Transformers and being one of the sexist women on the planet has just become the latest celebrity caught up in her very own full sex tape porn video scandal. According to sources the tapes the real deal and trending like wildfire around the internet with the video being a bi-sexual encounter with her husband Brian Austin Green filming the entire thing.

Rumor has it that Megan Fox and her husband made a sex tape video back in 2005 with get this… another woman. And we all know Megan has come out and said that she is bi-sexual and likes to sleep with men and women at the same time and this supposed video is considered proof of that fact. The video is said to show what appears to be Megan and an un-named very sexy female making out with her husband recording on some HD video recording device. The entire sexual encounter is crazy good as the girls are kissing butt naked and her husband Brian puts his private parts in the mix every so often for the two to share. We personally feel as though this video is not of Megan Fox and can say this with a pretty high confidence that any sex tape of Megan Fox is still at this time nothing more than a rumor and the video shows a girl that simply looks a bit like Megan. However we do continue to keep our fingers crossed at all times for any Megan Fox naughty videos. We also put the video in the members area as requested so that users can decide for themselves.

After a month long poll was taken the results show the public is wanting video of well known actress/model Megan Fox over any celebrity in the world. The poll that received over 20,000 votes showed an overwhelming 60% of voters want to see Megan Fox leak more sex tapes. After Megan… Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt came in 2nd with 30% of the votes but never had a chance to win the poll with the love for Megan by users.

We have tried to call both Megan and Brian’s reps about the sex tapes authenticity though as of now there has been no reply for us to report on.

[UPDATE] – The tape everyone is talking about that shows what is said to be Megan and Shai LaBeouf has a run time of only 5min but does show what people are saying is the at the time couple exchanging oral favors with each other recorded on a cell phone. We have added the video to the members area… the video is a bit grainy and hard to authenticate as 100% verified so we are going to go on record stating that with the video that was given to us we just cant confirm the videos authenticity.

[UPDATE] – Megan was one of the celebrities that has been caught up in the recent hacking scandal that leaked a bunch of nude pictures of Megan in the bathroom taking nude selfies. The photo’s show everything she has including yes, her shaved pu**y. So if you have been waiting to see that stuff (who the hell hasn’t), well you are now in luck! Personally we must say Megan is even hotter with her cloths off regardless if she is wearing makeup or not as the photos are of Megan right after getting out of the shower.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.


    • Mindy More

      Dude you need to get a girlfriend. I bet your office smells like balls!

      • NICKLE


  • seamore

    I have seen the content and damn it looks like it really is Megan but you never really see the guys face just the two girls. Well very good video just wish run time was longer and I am pretty sure that is not HD quality, good yes but HD no.

  • rupaul fan

    Its about damn time we get some nude footage of Megan took long enough!

  • H2o

    I just took a look at the video and though I agree with seamore that wish it was longer, I think it is her no doubt. If you look closly at around 4:20 in the video you can see the tattoo on her right under arm. I guess it does not really matter because if it is her or not, no worries the chick is banging hard! Sucks she is married now.

    Stay Cool,

  • Brian Fosters

    Is the dude in the video Brian Austin Green or is it Shia LaBeouf, because I heard that Shia said during the filming of Transformers they where fucking around with eachother and he said he had proof when people said they did not belive him. You gotta love a woman that comes right out and says she has sex with men and women. I love you Megan even though you did cheat on me with your husband. ;)

    • Joe Par

      Sites are saying it is her husband Brian.

  • Wie Chu Leing

    I was finally able to see video and like very much thank you for your time.

  • Philip

    It has got to be Megan unless someone faked her tattoo under her arm. You can see it plain as day though the lighting is a bit bad. Seems the guy behind the camera was a bit pre-occupied with “other things” as I would be to.

  • Jennifer Tsokues

    Megan will sooner or later get divorced, why you ask, she does not like guys she even said that on the Oprah show. She said she would much rather be with another woman both sexually and personally. I don’t blame her though men are idiots. I got an idea Megan call me and we can do this together, I got you girl!!!

    • Deauteron

      Lesbian bitches confuse the shit out of me, why do gay women denounce men and hate being with them yet they will go buy the biggest dildo they can find and work the shit out of it? Crazy bitches.

  • Danny Lowe

    Dudes it is her, she can deny it all she wants.

  • Ronnie

    I do not see why everyone thinks Megan is so damn hot. She is just ok, plenty of other celebs are much better looking and to be honest much less of a bitch. There is tons of reports of people that have worked close to her that she is extremely stuck up like Shai her co-star on Transformers. Two completely stuck up celebs on the same set, I am glad I did not work on that movie. Oh and by the way, Megan finally confirmed that she was fucking Shai when they filmed the movie together after she denied it up and down forever. Why celebrities lye all the time about almost everything then fess up later is hilarious to me.

    • Pepper 01

      Did she really sleep with Shia LaBeouf? If so that is just gross, he is nasty.

  • JC

    The video could be of victoria secret model: alessandra-ambrosio, since she kinda looks like Megan fox.

  • Brian Worlup

    Megan Fox porn videos? Simply amazing!!!!

  • Swinger

    Sounds like Megan Fox needs to come to some of my swinger parties if she is ok with the whole group sex thing. I would be more than happy to record the entire event. Ah, a man can dream right.

  • Mrs. Johanas

    My son was in mad love with Megan Fox. I remember watching Transformers with him at the theater and every time Megan was shown in the movie you could tell he was blushing from ear to ear. So later that year for Christmas I got him the Megan Fox poster and he was so excited. Hey if I was a 15 years old boy I would think she was beautiful to.

  • Watson

    Megan sure has the right last name: “MEGAN FOX” because she is a bloody fox!

  • Jazz Juice

    Yup! Megan Fox has got to be one of the hottest women on the planet. She had a spread in Maxim magazine and ever since then I have been in love. I heard rumors about how Megan slept with both men and women openly. It seems like there is a lot of top celebrity women that are bi-sexual and don’t care what people think. Lindsay Lohan is another one that said she has been in group sex sessions with her ex-lover/partner Sam. But nailing Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan is two way different sets of ass. Do I just log in to see the tapes?

  • mike-miller

    I think Megan Fox is much better looking than Kim Kardashian. Megan is sexy as can be while Kim is simply a high priced hood rat.

  • Lincoln Heights

    I would like to watch the Megan Fox sex tapes with the other girl.

  • Old Farts

    You think Kim Kardashian has a nice body wait until you see Megan Fox porn. She is simply amazing!!!!!!!!

  • tony13

    how can i view the pic or video

    • SNHU

      You have to enter the members area, it is only a dollar and they let you watch them all. Pretty good deal actually.

  • Ming

    I am not sure if that is Shai in the video but I have no doubt at all that is is the real Megan Fox sex tape. You can see all of her tattoos. Thank you for finding this one!