American actress and singer Melissa Marie Benoist best known for her portrayal of the title character in the CBS series “Supergirl” has been busted in a new leaked sex tape scandal made before she landed the new super hero role. Reports are saying that Melissa and her ex Nick Vorderman made a homemade porn video sometime back in 2010 that viewers are saying it slamming hot. Melissa is not new to celebrity scandals as in 2014 she was among all the other celebs that had nude photos leak from the famous ICloud hacking scandal.

The video as we said shot sometime around 2010 features what is said to be Melissa and Nick having sex while Nick holds the video camera recording the entire sexual encounter. They start out playfully talking and Melissa is on the bed making a bunch of sexual poses trying to look all sexy (she does not have to try). Then the recording shows a well done blowjob and handjob before she turns around and lets what is said to be Nick hit it from behind and then he finishes by putting a pearl necklace all over her back side. The camera is then laid down on the bed still recording while he goes to get something to clean her up with and you can hear the female say “my god you are such a great f**k, I love you so much”.

After the hacking scandal that exposed more nude photos of Melissa it is confirmed that she was caught up with by reporters asking about the images and video everyone is talking about and she replied: “incivility should not be supported.” She also went on record with TMZ stating that they are in fact authentic and she is discussing legal action with her lawyers.

[UPDATE] – Some of Nick’s close “friends” have said that they where told by Nick and shown the sex tapes of Melissa way before the supposed leak, though Nick still claims he had nothing to do with any video of Melissa leaking to the net.

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  • Randy T. Lock

    I wounder what her new husband Blake Jenner thinks about all the hacked nude pictures and video that everyone is looking at of Melissa. I am not sure I could handle watching my wife having sex with some other guy and then hear her say it was fucking great.

  • Pats Fan

    Just checked out the Supergirl show and had to see her nude stuff. Melissa is smoking hot!!!!!!

    • Dirk Diggler 69

      In May 2011, Supergirl placed 94th on IGN’s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time. I wounder if Melissa can take the #1 spot away from Kim Kardashian for most downloaded sex tape porn video ever. I most certainly think Melissa is much better looking than Kim’s big booty ass.

  • Foxy

    Supergirl Melissa Benoist having sex in sextape porn video? I wounder if Superman is pissed? haha

  • Sunday

    My god the amount of celebs hit by that hacking scandal is unreal!

  • Tom T.

    Was Melissa of age when she made her sex tape? She looks younger than 18 in the video. Yikes!

    • Dylan Curtis

      Hey man do you have the video can you send it to me please

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