Ok… If you follow sex tapes you should be aware of Miss Teen USA pageant winner Melissa King from 2013… However, if you are not familiar with her let us enlighten you. Melissa King was of course Miss Teen USA from Delaware and then right after she turned 18 she agreed to make a porn video with a professional production company for a whopping $1,500. (we can’t help but wounder what the hell Melissa was doing accepting such a low amount, when she could have easily gotten millions out of the deal. Ah, young kids these days) lol Anyways, after Donald Trump and the Miss Teen USA foundation found out about the porn she had filmed she was de-crowned and lost all of her endorsement deals worth way more than the amount she received for the tapes.

The original video of Melissa King like we said was filmed immediately after she turned 18 and features everything you can imagine a full blown porn film would have of a young beautiful teen, with a run time of about 30 minutes total. It starts out as an interview (pageant contestants are usually pretty good at these and Melissa is no exception) then she starts out blowing the male in the video and from there the fun starts with full on sex in just about every position you can imagine and overall quality is very good.

Now, we hate to be hard on (no pun intended) Melissa as she is not the first pageant winner to get busted making a sex tape as there has been several of them as we all are very aware of. The thing we just can’t understand is why she did it the way she did it going through a professional production company. The only thing we can think of is the guys that talked her into it must have had one hell of a sales pitch set up for her and that just sucks. When are these girls going to learn to come to us for guidance first! ;)

Calls to Melissa King’s reps have been returned: “Melissa has made a very bad life decision that she will pay for for the rest of her life… she understands what she has done was wrong and sincerely apologizes to anyone and everyone she has hurt by her actions”. Well there ya go straight from the representatives.

[UPDATE] – We all remember how good Melissa King’s original porn video was… well, now there is talks about another sex tape that with a run time of over an hour filmed around the same time but with a different male than the one that was in her original tapes. We have seen the clips and in this new video she gets even nastier than she did in her first. In our opinion she seems to be trying to prove herself for a leading lady porn role because the new video is extremely hardcore and not for the squeamish.

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    • David Leadburry

      You idiot Melissa King was not busted sleeping her way to the top. She made a real bad decision and got involved with the wrong people at a very young age. She made the porn thinking she would become the next Kim K as she has said that is kind of what they where saying to her. She was just to young and naive for her own good as she had just turned 18. Read the post before you jump to conclusions and say some dumb shit.

  • Kim McDowell

    Damn this girl looks younger than 18 she looks like just a little kid.

    • Pindo Locolost

      She may look like a little underage teen but I watched the video and can tell you she knows what she is doing and has done it before. It is a good tape. I had never heard of Melissa King, but now I know her very well. hahahaha

  • Anon

    TMZ also reported on this and said that “Melissa King at first denied the girl in the video was her, but later changed her story and renounced her crown”. I love how all the women in the celeb sex tapes industry all deny the tapes at first and then later say ok it was me. Just come out with it ladies stop denying they are really you and just go with it like Chelsea Handler does. giggidy!

  • Dustin

    The Melissa King porn video was good and well worth a watch. Just my 2 cents on the video.

  • Jeremy 369

    lol just watched the full video in members area and agree 100% with ya. Though Melissa may have only been 18 years old when she filmed this porn video, this was not her first rodeo for sure. She had no problem handling the guy she was with. Her blowjob was a little bit sloppy and she acted like she was unsure of what she was doing, but hey it gets better with experience. I would recommend this film as a B+ just because she is so fucking cute and acted a bit unsure of what to do. I love inexperience, that means you can train them right for the future. hahaha Yeah, I am a pervert.