Michael Phelps holds the all-time record for 18 Olympic gold medals and now the swimming stud may be very well known for the Michael Phelps sex tape video as well according to reports and it is not with his current sexy supermodel girlfriend Megan Rossee!

Michael has been caught up in his very own sex-tape scandal as a young female has come forward and said she has a video of Micahel having sex with one of her friends at a local party in L.A.

The video shows what appears to be Phelps around 2009-2010 having fun with some girls at the party getting his drink and smoke on and then the footage cuts to a bedroom where Phelps is getting naked with  cute little fit chick, laughing and having a great time. Then you see Phelps humping away at the young collage girl and you can clearly hear her asking the Olympian for more and more. The video is good quality however, seems like the person filming the video was hiding behind a door as the video is not very stable (recording device is moving around a lot). The girl that had the video said the girl he slept with requested her to film them so she could have the video for herself. Well, that didn’t work as soon after the sexual meeting the video hit the net.

We must add… my god Phelps is one of the most fit men we have ever seen in our life and how the hell that little collage chick handles the action is a mystery to us!

Calls to Michael Phelps PR department have been returned and they have told us: “We are looking into the video footage and should have some sort of an answer for you very shortly…” We are still waiting for a call back.

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  • Rene Howard

    My god that man is sexy, err his body build is anyways, his face is kinda goofy looking. I remember reading about this sex tape video on Huffington Post, it came out about the same time the pictures of him smoking on that bong came out. He was banging tons of women so the video is of no suprise to me, girls will be girls ;)

    • mentalmaine

      Oh yeah the big huge controversy of Michael Phelps smoking weed (gasp!). Most underwhelming scandal in history!

      • Jane

        Didn’t he at one time train in Colorado too? One more thing to be proud of Colorado!!

  • savingsarah

    I hear the olympic village is just rampant with sex from start to finish. Indoors, outdoors never a bad place to bump uglies!

    • Ms Ross

      Note to self – become Olympian, go to olympic village, act out all of my wildest sexual fantasies

  • Bellucci

    Wow nice friend.

  • Laggard

    I figured this would be a must see vid for anyone who likes to see celebs naked. Greatest Olympian ever is about as great a celebrity as it gets. Glad to have seen it but as tapes go it’s just so so

  • spray tan76

    Anyone ask themselves how the conversation between the two girls transpired? “Hey, you know how I’m a complete ho-bag and will do anybody for any reason?”. “Yeah”. “Well Michael Phelps wants to mount me like Thai hooker, you wanna film it?” “Uh, sure if you want”. “Good it’ll be just for us and no one will ever ever find out about it. Our parents must be so proud of us!”

  • daryl

    I met Michael Phelps once. Nicest guy you’d ever meet. Looks as though he likes the punani. Of anybody, he’s the one who deserves a piece of ass.

    • Tom

      22 medals, 18 gold. I’d say he deserves whatever he wants

  • dana_cat

    Damn Mr Phelps!! He knocks the bottom outta this one like he’s going for his final gold medal.

  • berryjuice

    As celeb videos go this one is pretty humorous. The look on the chic’s face is pretty classic. She probably got more than she bargained for. That boy tore that ass up!! Now all we need to do is find the “after” tape. Where she’s walking around with a limp for half a week. LOL!!