American actress Mila Kunis could be the celebrity that could beat Kim Kardashian’s most downloaded naughty video ever with the new Mila Kunis sex tape video leaking to the net according to reports.

Mila Kunis is very well known to be one of the best looking women alive and there is plenty of proof to back it up including her own sex tape videos and nude leaked content that was stolen from one of her cell phones. The video is said to be very good and has a run time of about 30min in length featuring Mila doing just about everything you can imagine for one of her lucky celebrity ex-boyfriends named Macaulay Culkin (though many Mila fans wanted it to be Justin Timberlake). We honestly do not think that this is Miley in the video but you can see if you think it is for yourself. Anyone who is a fan of Mila Kunis must see the exposed content said to be of her for sure as she looks even better without cloths on as expected!

Calls to Mila have not been returned, though local paparazzi has said that Mila’s reps made a comment on the issue “We have been working with authorities to find out who leaked the footage”. Meaning it is probably the real deal and like we said may very well be one of the most watched sex tapes ever!

[UPDATE] – After the hacking scandal that his recently Miley was in fact one of the celebs working with authorities in trying to catch the hacker responsible for what is being called one of the largest hacks of privacy ever.

[UPDATE] – Another video said to be Mila Kunis with her man Ashton Kutcher has said to have leaked via XV. We have taken a look at the video and though it does look like Ashton, the woman is never really seen in the video, so we can not confirm its authenticity. The clip is short at just over 2min, and though a great video, we are leaning towards not the real deal. We have had hundreds of people send us video claiming to be Mila, however we have not been able to confirm any of them. If you are curious about all the video sent to us claiming to Mila, we put them all in the members area of course, so that you can decide for yourselves.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Roho

    Damn I remember when this Mila Kunis sex-tape scandal came out and the dude that leaked her cell phone nude photos was put in the big house for hacking. Mila is so damn hot Ashton Kutcher is a dumb ass for not making that one work and Macaulay Culkin well isnt that just like sleeping with another girl LOL!!!!!!!!

  • gibba

    I loved Mila on That 70’s Show my god that girl is so hot. Yeah Ashton is a dumb ass for sure not getting that one to work. Who is she dating now? I am available ;)

  • Techie

    Mila can rest assured she will always have somewhere to sit no matter what, my face.

  • nibble_32

    Dude that is funny! Mila is a hottie, loved her in the 70’s show. I think she dated the fezz guy back in the day, I can remember hearing that somewhere.

    • cat

      Yeah she did and wow has Mila grown up… she looks great! I bet a lot of men and women are going crazy over her new nude footage.

  • mowtown

    I would show Mila what a real man looks like. All these young boys she is dating is just funny to me. Mila if you are listening come over to the dark side it is much warmer over here.

  • Sexy Duck!

    Any amount of nude sex tape video content of Mila Kunis is plenty for me, that chick is banging super hot. And my god,,, seeing her butt ass naked,,, well that would have been worth it alon but the video got even better and better. A+ in my book of nude celebrity scandals!

  • Lei it down

    But Macaulay Culkin? My girlfriend is all about watching celebs having sex. But she’s not wanting to tune in for Home Alone geek. So thanks Mila for ruining my life! JK!! Ya know I’m watching it ; )

  • hokking

    Holy shit!!!! Mila Kunis? Yesssssssss

  • malia

    Oh my word! Mila Kunis getting banged in camera and in real life no doubt!

  • Trace

    I thought it was so sweet when she attended that United States Marine Corps Ball in NC. I’m sure she was a sight to see that night

  • Ad

    I heard that one of her eyes are green and the other brown. Can’t tell from this video of course. But you sure can tell that she’s got a fine ass on her!

  • Hector R

    Hands down the most beautiful celebrity in Hollywood both on the outside and inside. Mila is so down to earth. Thank you for finding this one!