Well known American actress, socialite and singer Miley Cyrus has been caught up in mega rumors of a new full sex tape porn video featuring one of her ex-boyfriends said to possibly be Justin Gaston and Miley getting down and dirty after a local party in LA. Reports are saying the video is extremely nasty as the male even ejaculates on her face in the alleged Miley Cyrus sex tape video.

At first a ton of websites claimed to have the footage of Miley Cyrus doing… well very nasty things including but not limited to playing with seamen in her mouth (gross) after blowing her boyfriend and other celebrity sex tape fun type stuff. The site that started the rumor appears to be all fake with what also seems to be great Photoshop skill. After looking more into this site they are also being being sued by about a dozen or so celebs for making up nude celebrity news, however in the celeb biz any press is good press so nothing has come out of all those lawsuits as of yet. The crazy thing with the videos we are talking about is Google the search engine king still shows the fake videos at the top of their search results for people searching for the information her tapes. Guess they need a better algorithm update again. lol

Calls to Miley’s reps have not been returned, however she was stopped by paparazzi after leaving a night club and was asked about the sex tapes… Here is the quote they got as she got into a waiting vehicle “Is it me? I don’t know what do you think, does it look like me? I am going to go make another one right now, want to be the cameraman?” We don’t know if Miley was just being a smart ass but there ya go straight from her mouth. We here at have looked long and hard and from what we can find there is currently no actual Miley Cyrus sex tape although with her recent antics we figure it’s just a matter of time. Until then enjoy videos of the celebs that have gone on camera and released their tapes.

[UPDATE] – Miley Cyrus has had some more exposed nude content leak to the net this week of her naked little hot body… this seems to be a reoccurring theme here. LOL Anyways, Miley said “no biggie I can give you guys more if you want, just ask.” LOL We love this new Miley! There is one thing that is for sure and that is that she has successfully shed her Disney character and is now a full fledged sex goddess.

[UPDATE] – More exposed content of Miley has leaked recently along with all the other celebs that the hackers have been hitting like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Jennifer Lawrence, Iggy Azalea, Jessica Findlay and the list goes on forever… The content in question is more nude selfies that Miley took while in a very nice motel room. We are still waiting on any word as to videos and just as soon as we hear or see something that is the real deal we will of course update everyone the minute we know for sure!

[UPDATE] – Well at least now we can confirm that Miley Cyrus does indeed have some private sex tapes as we got the scoop straight from the horses mouth but don’t get to excited yet, they are still locked down in Miley’s private collection. Miley said in public that her and her boyfriend Patrick Swarzenegger have made several tapes in multiple locations and watch the video afterwords as fun and to keep the sex life hot. A very close source said that Cyrus has mentioned that their sex life has consisted of filming and taking pictures and it turns them both on very much to watch the videos!

[UPDATE] – New video tape of Miley and her current lesbian lover Stella Maxwell messing around naked while rubbing and licking cake off each other has hit the web and according to the sources it gets pretty damn dirty. Not that we did not know Miley was a dirty/kinky little thing already.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Richard_B

    I was actually one of the lucky to be fooled by one of those sites that said they had the video. I saw a video of a look alike then canceled then was charged a dozen times it sucked. I wish I would have read this news post before LOL. Oh well lesson learned I will always come here and check first to make sure it is legit… I appreciate your blog as I am sure many others do as well.

    Big thanks to SexTape for keeping it real! ;)

    • Tecnno

      Yup had the same deal happen to me, wish I would have read this first DOH!

      • Sailor

        The new sex tape that is said to be Miley looks real close, watch it and then look at some pictures of her you can not tell the difference at all. I think it is Miley and she is just denying the video like every single celebrity out there does.

    • Mike

      The older video that people where talking about was not but I am pretty damn sure the new sex video content is Mily Cirus, there is no doubt in my mind. I looked at the video then looked at some photos from the same time and there is no difference. I am suprised this is not bigger news and all over like Fox, MSNBC etc. etc. Mily is super hot now!

  • Julie Jewls if your nasty!

    Thank you SexTape for telling the real deal!!!

    You guys are stand up peeps in my book!


    • Copper Cue

      Agreed, So many sites are out there lying about Miley Cyrus and so many other celebs but ya’ll keep it real. Anytime I hear about something I come check here to verify.

  • Nadar Abdul

    I saw the video in question at xvids and yes it is a close match but you can tell unfortuanitly that it is not Miley oh well. You guys need to pay someone to somehow get that video footage of Miley and boom ya’ll a billionair!!!!

  • Derick

    I love Miley Cyrus and want to marry her!
    Can you guys tell her that?


    • kasimu

      ok Miley 233241384075 call me to play a romance

  • Derick

    I would love to see Miley Cyrus in a video, my god that would be just awesome for sure. However it would be kinda weird also as my son used to love her in her show that I can;t for the life of me remember right now.

    • tigger

      The show Miley was on with Disney was Hannah Montana ;)

    • Brian Johnson

      She had nude photos leak when she was underage. That was big news back in the day when she was with Disney Studios. It was just before she started getting all crazy and having all the scandals leak.

      • Drunk Donkey

        I also remember when her naked pictures photo scandal leaked, her dad was pissed off at her but let it ride because hey she made more money than his ass and he worked on her superstar show.

      • Midget-Porn-Rules

        I want to see the underage nude photos of Miley Cyrus. Can you send them to me? (midgetpornrules AT hotmail DOT com)

  • The Dude!

    I would bone the shit out of that chick now that she is of age!

  • dtv_dude

    What has been up with Miley latley she is really trying hard to get rid of her kid image. Now her head is shaved… damn girl wtf is up LOL! All I know is when a tape with Miley leaks Kim will be yesterdays tird.

  • mendincino

    I like Miley Cyrus sex tapes, can I watch the videos now? I want to see please

    • ribber

      Dude open your eyes and just click on the “Watch Sex Tapes” link at the top works ;)

  • Country Boy

    I wounder what her dad Billy Ray Cyrus thinks about his little girl Miley growing up so fast now. She is smoking weed, parting like crazy, nude pictures and sex tapes. Sounds like someone is trying to grow up quick and shed that Disney image. She does seem super cool though I bet she is a hoot to hang out with.

    • Stan Chow

      She is also damn near every day busted naked in topless nude pictures. The girl just can not seem to keep her cloths on. Good for us Cyrus fans though!

  • Mozart

    Seeing Mily nude is a great day!

  • creeper

    I love Miley Cyrus and I mean like really love her have for a long time. She is an awsome sexy girl and that raspy voice of hers just wow does it for me. I like that she is growing up and sharing photos and videos of herself now.

    Miley Fan For Life!!!!!

    • rosie

      Your name works for you there creeper. LOL

    • goobs67

      I feel sorry for celebrities like Miley Cyrus having to deal with freaks of nature like you and always be scared about being stalked. Then when videos come out like the Miley Cyrus sex tape porn videos it makes it that much worse as you mind fucked celeb stalkers feel as though you really had sex with them. Just because you watch some celebrity porn video does not mean you can actually try to get it for real people. I would hate to be a famous celeb… I would have body guards like 24/7, even to watch me sleep. Ya bunch of scary fucks.

  • BUGS

    Who is Miley dating now?

    • Celeb Girl

      She is dating Liam Hemsworth and I think they are engaged to be married so take advantage of any nude videos or sex tapes while you can.

    • Larry_Buds

      Nope, Miley Cyrus is now dating Patrick Schwarzenegger but they are having issues as his mom is not keen on the idea of her little boy dating Miley Cyrus’s crazy little ass. In fact they told him not to bring Miley to some holiday party. If I was him I would be like “screw you mom, I am going to hang with Miley and make a sex tape porn video for everyone to see! How do you like them apples!” LOL!!!!

    • BUBBA


  • Snoopy2

    That girl is crazy she has been running around half naked now almost every day there is a new nude pic or something like that showing her private parts. Cyrus knows damn good and well she is showing her money makers. LMFAO!


    You guys need to read… The info says that there is no full blown sex tape of Miley Cyrus however there is a video that has not been confirmed to be her but looks a lot like her having sex with some dude and playing around. They also have nude content of Miley messing around and her nude pics are in there as well. Read people read.

  • techno beats

    The sex tapes do look like Cyrus but I am not sure. I watched the video and then looks at some pictures and can not really tell any difference. I wounder if she has a twin sister? hehe

  • Louis-U

    It is her in the video I can not tell any difference at all.

    • music

      Yup, I agree with you dude there is no difference. I think it is her as well and bravo for the skills.

    • Stan

      I don’t know I watched the sex tape and not sure if it is Miley or not. The tape is good don’t get me wrong but just not sure, now the other video they have that definitely looks like Cyrus and of course I enjoyed looking at all the naked photos of her. I was right in thinking she had a small pussy. ;)

  • Ricky

    Woohoo about damn time I find the real scoop on the Miley Cyrus sex tapes! Bravo guys, bravo!

  • celebstuff

    I like Miley Cirus she is a great chick would like for her sex tapes to be longer but hell I wont complain any as wow love seeing that girl in scandals for sure. hehe

  • wooble

    Miley is amazing in her videos and photos she comes out with a new scandal it seems every single day.

    • Larry_Buds

      For real right. Every single time I visit TMZ or Huffington Post Miley Cyrus is either flashing her nude junk at the paparazzi or sucking on something that looks like a dick. She is doing it right though she is making herself a sex symbol and trying to show the world that she has no ties to Hanna Montanna. Oh and she smokes weed like a chimney. But hey Miley… fuck it, do you thing baby, it’s all good!

  • que

    Miley is so damn hot love seeing exposed content of this chick. How hard she is trying to be a grown up I bet we see more and more nude footage of her as time goes by.

    I love you Miley

  • Craig-Wright

    Miley is such a sexy woman now! I love how she could give a shit about showing her naked body to veryone on video. I love girls with confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shank

    I saw the Miley Cyrus sex tapes and to be honest I think it is her ass for sure! That was awesome ya’ll

  • Roberto

    Miley looks great I love the new look and image she is trying to go with. She will start getting serious movie roles here very shortly. Good for her!

  • mateus

    how do i see the videos

    • Brandi Lowe

      mateus, just click on one of the watch video links… goofy ;)

  • gypsys

    Miley is so freakin sexy now, I simply love her raspy voice. Girls with raspy voices always seem to be great in bed, not sure why they just always have for me.

  • Giggles

    I heard that more nude photos of Miley leaked… You guys have those yet?

  • Luke_O’Brian


  • Hungry

    I love watching Miley Cyrus acting like a little freak. Boy how Hanna Montana has grown up and sluted out. That a girl! And Luke, I did see that as well…. she has tuned into such a freak. But shit when you have unlimited amounts of money on hand to do whatever you want to do, life probably gets mundane so you need to mix it up a bit and that is exactly what Miley is doing.

  • GTR Lover

    I wana bang Miley Cyrus so damn bad. She comes off as the type of chick that will try anything in the bedroom and that sir’s I like!

  • Rin Tin

    Good old Miley always there for nude photo scandals as she just got caught showing her pussy to the paparazzi while she was getting out of a party bus with her now boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger. So now we got Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus and several more all showing as much as they can to shock the media. It is happening so much now it is really of no shock when one of them gets caught nude.

  • RIP

    Yup Miley is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger now and those two are acing crazy and I know it is just a matter of time before a tape of those two leak. Hell Arnold already has one. LOL!

  • Brian Johnson

    Miley Cyrus is so damn sexy, she is ok with being naked… loves to party and smoke weed. She is known for playing video games and into anything techie. She is like the perfect chick.

  • Stan

    I love her crazy little self, she is so damn cute.

  • badbitches

    Miley + TMZ = better looking TMZ! . . . drops the mike

  • gREY bEARD

    Little Ms Cyrus was just busted by the paparazzi getting out of her car and shows her pussy. Like when it happened to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. It was so small, I was actually surprised and yes she keeps it shaved nicely. ;)

  • Rachel

    I also love Miley she has the “I Don’t Give A Shit What You Think” attitude and that is sexy!

  • CN

    HAHAHA! It seems as though Patricks family is not “into” Miley… Hollywoodlife just reported: A source close to the couple said that after Patrick and his mom, Maria Shriver, had a “sit down” discussed about him spending more time on school and his family and stop “prouncing” around with Miley. Then they had a big party on the weekend for his sisters birthday and Miley was not invited to the event. So seems as though Maria Shriver is not liking her son hanging with Miley at all and is making it well known. He is said to be a mamas boy to, so this may be pretty interesting to watch unfold.

  • Peshawar

    I want to fuck Miley Cyrus in her cute little ass hole.

  • gilbert452

    Miley Cyrus was just spotted yet again in an aoutfit that showed damn near everything she has with a huge amount of camel-toe action going on. Miley is out of control, what does she think she is in Europe… This is the states babe nudity is a no no, take your ass to Europe if you want to walk around naked all the time.

  • Rugart.Loss

    Did you guys see that Miley Cyrus just said she has made some tapes with a couple of very well known male celebs… prepare yourselves people the Miley Cyrus sex tapes are getting ready to be the real deal! I feel like quagmire from the Family Guy when he was stuck in the house all day watching porn after he realized it was all over the internet. lol

  • Tim

    All these celebrities are a bunch of media driven sluts and Miley Cyrus is at the wheel.

  • Stacy Lewis

    Well all I know is that given the chance I would make a porn with Miley Cyrus any day of the week, she is super hot and I love her little skinny body!

  • Berry

    I think it is the Mily Cyris sex tapes and I thought the full uncensored video was awesome! Love this site!!!

  • Rollin

    So now Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have themselves a tape? And supposedly both pops are cool with that? Well of course they are!!! One sold his daughter up the river as a zygote and the other bed Skeletor’s Mom in his own wife’s bed. I’m sure the Governator held the camera while Achy Brachy heart wrote out the damn script.

    • Fans of the team

      Spittin some truth! Get some o that Miley Cyrus nice ass, Patrick!

    • Fans of the team

      Not true mommy Maria hates her some Miley.

    • right said

      Pahleeeze! This bitch has had sexual relations on video since she was about 12 and half. Now that she’s legal though she wants to cash in. Can you say make money money, make money MONEY!

      • Bruce Bane

        Miley unlike many other celebs out there has no need for sex tape money. She does does shit like that for attention and to stay relevant in the media. But the break-up with Patrick has her in quite mode for some reason.

  • biggins

    Mom may be waggin the finger but ol Arny is beating it to Miley Cyrus’ vid as we speak ; )

  • Jerry

    Is anyone else seeing that Miley Cyrus is dating another celebrity but its another girl? I had no idea that Miley was Gay or Bi-Sexcual or whatever. I thought she just liked dudes? man this sucks all these women doing away with men. She probably made the move because of Patrick Schwarzenegger dumb ass cheating on her. What a fucking idiot! I would have never fucked that one up, I would have been like a slave to her. Yes massa ;)

    • Gay Pride

      Yup, she is dating model Stella Maxwell.

      • Blake_8859

        Why do all the girls with tongues that look like they could suck the chrome off a ball hinge wana just eat pussy?

  • twerking

    Hope she twerkin in that sextap asswell ^^

  • Rusty_Nutts

    I don’t care what anyone says, Miley is my sexual fantasy! Love watching me some nude Miley in action with another sexy girl. Almost to much to handle…. almost ;)

  • Henderson

    Miley is one freaky fucking chick. She has such a small pussy to, that was crazy!

  • Nick

    One of the smallest pussy’s I have ever seen, and that is amazing, considering the amount of times she has been blasted.