Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast members Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith have ventured into new “housewives” territory with the release of their video that “somehow” landed on the web for all to see! The producers of the VH1 show are even using the tape as part of the “plot” for Season 3 of the show proving that a well put together sex tape is indeed a “career move in the right direction” and making “reality” stars today, tomorrows porn stars.

Mimi joins Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham, Tila Tequila and Paris Hilton as ladies who’ve invited others into the reality of their bedrooms with a private sex tape. The once taboo video industry is even the subject of an upcoming summer blockbuster Sex Tape the movie set to launch in the Summer of 2014.

Mimi and her partner Nikko caused quite the buzz when previews of the tape hit the web. The tape is called “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” but it should be called The Shower Rod Sex Tape! You’ve heard about it from your friends, you’ve read about it in the tabloids now get a sneak peek for yourself. Though this is not the first reality show couple to make a sex tape this is the first to creatively use the shower rod! The tape has caused shortages of shower rods at home improvement stores as folks ran out to try to recreate the scene for themselves. LOL

UPDATE – Mimi Faust was recently asked about her sex tape with Nikko Smith by local paparazzi and she replied “I did it it was fun, have you seen the video yet? I look real damn good and it is a must see!.” Well someone has no confidence issues.

UPDATE – Nikko Smith told paparazzi that he has gotten a ton of ass after chicks have seen the sex tape with Mimi and how well he performs in the sack… See, yet another reason to get those sex tapes out there asap!

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  • troy

    That is one bad ass sex tape video mimi has a great body.

  • steph k love

    I took a look and lovef the tape. Rivht up there with some of the very best sex tape videos!!!

  • PimpD

    Oh noooo, the link to view Mimi and Nikko’s sextape says “PAGE NOT FOUND” Please fix this. I have not watched the sextape and I’m going crazy right now. Thanks for fixing.

    • This has been fixed and thanks for the heads up PimpD, we have added another month free to your membership including all updates for bringing this to our attention.

      Thank You,
      SexTape Mngmt.

      • Dancer

        Now that’s good customer service! I want a free month!!!!! ;)~

  • Stuntin’

    Reminded me of the Kim K video only not as good… Mimi is not nearly as sexy as Kim and well Nikko is lacking in something that Ray J goes to the extreme with. It does make watching Love and Hip Hop better now that I have seen them naked. lol

  • Tiny Tim

    Them women on Love and Hip Hop are funny as shit man. I always liked Mimi Faust, and that body is banging hard. I love it when they all get into those big fights, that right there is some funny ass shit. I took a look at the video and well… it was pretty damn good. I agree with Stuntin’ it makes watching the show now that much better when you have seen the girls on the show getting broke down. In closing if any of the other girls from Love & Hip Hop want to mae a sex tape video, please feel free and I am available to preform/record if you need a partner! HAHAHA!!! No really I’m available ;)~

  • Rock-n-Roll Guy

    Not usually into black girls but Mimi is pretty damn sexy. I watched the sex tape video and thought it was just ok… but, once again this video you can tell was a total set up of two celebrities trying to further thier careers like Kim Kardashian did successfully. When are some more sex tapes going to come out of celebs that did not have them set up on purpose I wounder.

  • James bell

    I like to see the stars

  • King Louie

    Nikko tore Mimi’s booty apart in this sex tape. I rated it as awesome as that was what it was. The shower scene was really good to she damn near broke the rod (no pun intended) I think this was right up there with the Kim K tapes.

  • Robin-Gilligan

    Mimi did a shoot for Black Men magazine that was really good. Dat boo is smokin’.

  • Iceman

    The Mimi & Nikko sex tape was good, she is a wild one for sure almost breaking a bunch of stuff when they where doing the deed. I remember when I was younger and could have rough sex like that, now that shit would kill me.

  • Jayson N.

    I don’t think Mimi is all that pretty. I did watch the sex tape of her and Nikko though and I must say they looked like a couple of wild rabbits going at it almost breaking shit all over the house. The shower curtain rod never had a chance. hahahaha!

  • Ruger P226

    I would have to say that the Mimi Faust tapes are about a 6 out of 10 only because we all know she set the entire thing up. Had it not been a set up I would have gave it a 8 out of 10 as she really fucks hard in the video and does it all including breaking the shower curtain rod. LMAO!