Here it is folks the full Mindy McCready sex tape video full and uncut in all its glory. The video was leaked recently and was no surprise ti us as Mindy has been well known for several years now to be sleeping with tons of high profile athletes and was made available through of course Vivid.

Mindy is a wannabe country singer now but will now be better known as the Baseball Mistress says reports after the videos leaked. Back in the day when these sex tapes were made she was a sexual play toy for tons of professional athletes even admitted that fact to several media outlets.

The sex tape of Mindy features her with some young stud nailing her pretty much anyway way you can imagine, she seems to like doggy style the best by far and is all more than willing to finish off the baseball studs and keep things clean if you know what we mean. LOL

When asked how many baseball studs she has slept with, her reply was she had no idea… there has been so many athletes that she has had genuine relationships with. LOL!

Calls to Mindy where returned and personally came out by her stating: “Look, I did what I did and that is all”. Short but sweet just how we like it!