Minka Kelly sex tape video is the real deal according to sources like People and TMZ but hold the phone, we take a look closer. That’s right celebrity Minka Kelly known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Friday Night Lights, and The Roommate is the latest in a ever growing list of actresses to star in her very own video tape that is currently being shopped to the highest bidder.

The sex-tape is said to be approx. 45min and was filmed in New Mexico featuring Minka with one of her ex-boyfriends and was done right, with a professional camera on a tripod recording the sex on tape while they watched each other in real time. The video is said to be so good that it could very well hit Kim Kardashian sex tape download numbers due to the quality and length of the sex tapes in question. It is also said by those that have seen it that the male in the tape is non other than baseball stud Derek Jeter her boyfriend before she hooked up with Chris Evans and that the video shows what rough sex really looks like ad they go at it so hard that the actual camera is dropped on the floor a few times. The clip is said to start out in what appears to be a super nice condo in LA… we know it is LA as they go out on the deck while smashing a few cocktails. Then the video cuts out and back on again in the bedroom with Minka pleasuring Derek and then turns around for the baseball player to hit a home-run, which he does very well.

UPDATE – Minka was spotted outside a trendy nightclub and asked about the sex tape rumors and she replied “Don’t always believe what you hear, however I am not going to comment either way on the tapes of me out there.” Well, we think that this would mean they are the real deal and she was just waiting on them to leak. lol There is also talk that one of the tapes of Minka Kelly was filmed when she was underage at just 17 years old.

UPDATE – There is new rumors that Minka is getting back together with ex-boyfriend Chris Evans and that part of the reason for the original break up was a trust issue as Minka had not informed Chris that there very well may be a tape of her with Derek out there floating around. Come on guys if every girl you dated had to tell you about their previous sexual encounters there would be no dating. lol

UPDATE – There is another video floating out there that is said to be Minka and Brian White taped sometime in early 2002 and leaked by Brian himself after sharing the video with some friends that said they did not believe him that he had the video of Minka Kelly and him getting it on. Well, I guess he won and one of his boys got their hands on the video and was sending short clips of it to different production companies trying to make a buck off of it. The only problem is he had no rights to the video so no company would sign any deal with him. Either way f**k it if it stars Minka we are game!

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  • Lance_Rogen

    Damn guys I hope you get the footage of Minka, she is such a little hottie! Was she over 18 when it was made? TMZ said she may not have been. I do wounder though how good the quality is as she is now in her 30’s so they must have used an older camcorder? Keep us posted on this one please ;)

  • redrobin

    Yeah, I thought she was sexy as could be in FNL. I had no idea she was in her 30’s though, that right there is pre-milf area. So how old was she when it was filmed, was she under 18? I hope this does not turn out like a few others, where they where under 18 and you guys wont offer it.

  • Harrison


  • amid

    TMZ has also now confirmed that the video is legit. Awesome! So when are you guys going to get the video? Can you let me know please, I would like to watch it the day it comes out!!!

  • Roger_Dodger

    Damn Minka is super hot, looks like the girl I wish was next door.

  • rupals

    Minka Kelly is so damn sexy hard to belive not more people are talking about these sex tapes of her… super hot chicks rule!

  • Billy Donalds

    Did you guys know that Minka’s mom Maureen Dumont Kelly was a “exotic dancer” aka stripper the entire time she was raised. Seems like she had maybe grown up in a not so “correct” setting for a proper young lady and maybe that is why all these sexual escapades are peaking their heads out of her. I hope she gets back together with Chris and gets through all of this not to damaged.

  • Cry Baby

    I would like to watch the Minka Kelly sex tape video please. Can I use someones login? Please pm me.