As we all know by now the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood celebrity Moniece Slaughter does in fact have a sex tape with Money SL.

From those that have seen the video it is very nasty, with full blown nude sex all filmed on a high quality cell phone (we believe a newer IPhone). LHHH associate Jason Lee is the one said to also have a copy of the sex tape, claiming: “I wanted to show Moniece how it feels to poke at people. When I saw the video of her talking about an innocent child AFTER her comments about gay men giving women HIV, and her being rude to my staff at events in Hollywood I chose to take her on…. I have 5 sisters and nieces that I love to death and I would never want a man to exploit them. I would also never want them to attack people and innocent children the way Moniece has and then use their children as shields.

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  • GO CUBS!

    Give me a break, Moniece is acting like she does not want all her sex tapes to leak. Complete bs, just look at her instagram account and you can see this girl has no problem getting naked. She is just like all the other hundreds of celebs that claim the entire “oh no” when a new porno of them hits the web.

  • Political Hack

    What is this now the millionth Love & Hip Hop sex tape that has “leaked”. Funny how you guys have an entire section dedicated to the show. lol