Oh jeez where do we begin with this woman…Nadya Suleman or better known as Octomom has according to sources had the Nadya Suleman Octomom sex tape video leak by ex-boyfriend bodybuilder Frankie G who as we all know was with Nadya because she was in the news every single day for some celebrity scandal. This video is not to be confused with the crappy masturbation video she made for Wicked films that she did a while back or the once again masturbation stuff she did for the xxx cam site she worked for for a short while.

The video that was “leaked” by Frankie G’s cell phone that was “stolen” shows the two in what looks like a complete set up as while Frankie is having sex with Octomom he is talking during the entire sex tape. We figured something like this would happen as the couple just simply did not match up right for us and Frankie has been known to date some of the hottest women in LA and well, we feel Nadya is no where near the caliber of women he is used to. Anyways, the video was filmed in what seems to be Frankie’s house and shows the “couple” of course getting their drink on then proceed to have hardcore sex while Frankie films the entire 45 min sexual experience with Octomom on his cell phone.

The reason why we say we are pretty sure the entire sex tape was a set up is because of the way Frankie is said to talk with Nadya during the film and things that are said are simply not talked about during a real sexual meeting. Either way, this type of thing happens all the time with celebrity sex tape set ups as we all are very aware of to further careers.

Calls to Octomom’s and Frankie G’s reps have gone un-returned at this point, though we would love to hear what they have to say about the new videos.

[UPDATE] – The AVN awards have awarded Nadya Suleman AKA Octomom with the “Best Celebrity Sex Tape of 2012.” Wow, not sure we agree with this one at all but hey who are we to judge.

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  • Bite Me

    Nadya errr Octomom is a fucking mess and has been ever since she got divorced from that ass hole having a million kids and not really being anything other than a freak of nature. I have seen all her nude stuff, videos and even saw her at the strip club (I went with some friends as a joke, I am not a stalker) Everyone knew damn well that guy was only with her ass for coverage in the media, I am suprised not one bit that he recorded them having sex, though his comment about ripping that shit up?! HAHAH Does that little guy know how many kids have come out her shit??!!! Too funny, dude you are doing nothing for her.

  • UBS Works

    I like Nadya and think she should sue the media as they blast her all the time, especially that shit talking site TMZ. Could you imagine what your life would be like if every time you took a shit it was reported what it looked like? I think that alone would drive anyone crazy.

  • Moris

    Octomom is so screwed up, she is now in rehab with her dad and left her clan of kids with the nannies. That woman is nothing more than an attention whore and it seems that all media outlets just love to give the bitch the attention all the time *cough TMZ cough*. I also watched her sex video that she made with Wicked and the baby stuff in the background was not my cup of tea trying to watch someone masturbate. Octomom’s other sex videos are good though the woman does have a great set of celebrity boobies ;)

  • Gary Ridget

    I like her boobies!

    • Agreed! By no means do I like OctoMom or think that she’s at all a great mother but I think polepe are looking at this comment all wrong. She doesn’t mean she wishes she didn’t have her children she’s wishing she had been smarter about the IVF. My little sister was concieved while my mom was on birth control and it’s something we (including my sister) have always joked about. My mom jokes that she’s the best mistake that was ever made. So I don’t think it’s that damaging.

  • Renee L

    They are nice concidering how much they have been used… Did Octomom get a boob job to keep them from sagging to her knee’s?

  • Sail Away Today

    The Las Vegas AVN awards have become such a joke. Not only did they give Octomom best celebrity sex tape for 2012 because of her crappy Wicked video that I might add has no sex in it, so not sure how it could be considered a real sex tape. But they Lily Carter, Best actress for her role in Wasteland. This was a total shock to those in the industry.

    • Cricket

      She won an award for that shit she made for Wicked? I have lost any respect I ever had for the AVN awards, they are giving shit out to promote the Wicked video of her masterbating and that is all. Octomom does have some nice tits though like Renee said. gigitty

  • Kim McDowell

    Did you guys see Octomom’s pussy in the uncensored sex video? It looked like an old wrinkly mess. Who the hell would want to tape that nasty looking shit? Ya’ll nasty fuckers.

  • Brians Tits

    Can I watch the uncensored full Octomom porn video in the members area? Can I also watch all the other tapes you have with a trial membership? Is it only one dollar still? I want to watch the Octomom sex tapes just really out of curiosity. hehe