American actress and singer most famous for her role on the hit comedy Glee, according to reports, has been caught up in the Naya Rivera sex tape video leaked by ex-boyfriend Mark Salling in 2011.

The video features what appears to be Naya and her man at the time Mark at some sort of a public get together at a very nice house and then the video cuts to a bedroom where the couple has what some would call some crazy good sex and she is very loud the entire time. Run time of the sexual part of the video is said to be only 12min. This all came about after rumors surfaced that Marks cell phone went missing and then a week later the videos with still image nude photos became available to the public.

Calls to Naya’s reps have been returned: “The girl in the video is according to Naya not her, we have no idea about the male in the videos in question as we have not seen the video as of yet”. Now, we have heard this before and seems to be the first thing to say… but as history tells us with celebrity sex tapes, they are always denied in the beginning.

[UPDATE] – Mark recently was caught by paparazzi and asked about the videos after leaving a local night club and said: “Look man we dated for a while she (Naya) is a good girl, if I had video of her and it was leaked I had nothing to do with it”. And as usual the boyfriend that recorded said video denies leaking it on purpose.

[UPDATE] – Ooh shiat!… Seems as though Naya may have pissed off Big Sean after her new book came out titled “Sorry Not Sorry”. In the book she tells it like it is about Big Sean cheating on her with Ariana Grande, who we already know has her own sex tape issues. We report about the book here, but a quick run down is she caught Ariana Grande basically naked on the couch after coming home a bit early. When Naya confronted Ariana, Ariana confirmed she knew that Naya and Big Sean were engaged and did not know what she was thinking. Anyways, after this bombshell of Big Sean dogging out so many women, it just so happens that a new tape said to feature Naya and Big Sean hit the web. Coincidence… We think not!

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  • AfroPuffs

    Hmm Big Sean is a dog?… who would have thought. These girls deserve what they get, knowing that the guy they are hooking up with has a past of cheating. Ariana Grande though Hollywood tries to portray her as an innocent actress… We have now seen her as a homewrecker, caught on camera saying she hates the United States and has caused several relationship issues and could care less. She is nothing more than a spoiled brat.

    • Rick

      Naya is smoking hotter than Ariana Grande.

  • Lindsay

    I have seen the Big Sean and Ariana Grande stuff and I can confirm, he is called BIG Sean for a reason. Dude has an crazy big dong for his little stature. I would care less, he can cheat on me all he wants! I want some!!!!!

  • Me

    Huh? Where did it even say that she was found naked and all? Are you now trying to make it more dramatic than it actually was?

    • Blake

      Read the book man… it says it right in there that “she was in nothing but a shirt with her legs crossed, listening to music on the couch.” The Mirror also reported the same thing recently.

  • Steelers Fan

    Naya Rivera also has a sex tape from when she was a teenager, do you guys have it? I think it was when she was 19 or something like that back when she was a wild child.