Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva or better known as Nina Dobrey from The Vampire Diaries is a simply stunning Bulgarian/Canadian actress and model that has been supposedly caught up in her very own sex tape starring ex-boyfriend Evan Williams and the video is said to be a very steamy one for sure!

Gossip reports that the video shows Nina and Evan at an after party going into the garage being filmed on his cell phone and in the garage Nina goes down on Evan and starts to “take care” of him and then after about 5 min give or take the couple end up having sex on top of one of the cars in someone else’s house party. We have taken a look and the video does look real though we can not say for sure about identity. We have though put in calls to Nina’s reps to see what they have heard about the videos and they said they would get back to us on the issue but as of yet have not.

On a more personal note this is not the first Bulgarian sex tape video we have seen there is about 5-10 of them and we must say that damn they are wild as can be in every single tape we have seen. We need to plan a trip SOON! LOL

[UPDATE] Nina’s attorneys have called us back and said that any and all leaked content of Nina will be prosecuted to the fullest. However, they would not confirm or deny the content as being authentic. We have now put in a call to Nina’s assistant service and we are awaiting a response.

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