Playboy Playmate Mexican-American model Olga Loera is the most recent celebrity caught up in her very own leaked homemade sex tape video scandal, after video said to be Olga and her ex businessman lover John Gray hit. Olga is quickly becoming very popular in Hollywood as of late, getting so many gigs that she had to start turning some down due to not enough time in the day, not bad for a girl that started her career in hair and makeup.

Olga is widely known for her amazing body and HUGE “eyelashes” lol, as well as jet setting with several famous celebs from around the globe.

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  • Rocky

    Are those huge tits on Olga the real deal, or are they implants?

    • Social Media Whore 69

      They are implants, I just watched the tape and they stay put way to well. Natural tits tend to move around more, Olga’s are very firm in spot no matter how she is moving around. Sexy as fuck still though. I liked it.

    • Dub Lowrider

      Figured I would leave this right here, they look like fake tits to me.

      • Paul C.

        Olga has an absolute amazing body, but those tigo bitties are just way to big for her small frame. Did you guys see her stomach muscles flexing while she was riding that cock? I bet she has amazing pussy control. I want some. HAHAHA!!!!

  • Deoutche

    Love me some sexy Latin sex.