The Olivia Mojica sex tape video is real and could be the most extreme and most wanted celebrity sex tape ever made! For those who don’t know Olivia she was a finalist on American Idol with that girl next door feel and the voice of an angle and was one of the front runners as far as popularity with the crowds and people watching at home.

Well a sex tape leaked to the internet featuring Olivia doing things in the bedroom you usually have to pay for because your wife or gf wont do them. LOL Olivia takes care of some young UN-named stud in ways that actually boggle the mind.

The video in question was sealed by attorneys for Olivia and her legal team went crazy trying to stop the video from cycling on the net, though they obviously missed a few copies and as we all know by now… once a video hits the net for even a split second, forget about it. If you think Olivia is cute as a button and love American Idol sex tape videos this is a must see for sure. Vivid Celeb tried to get their greedy little hands on it to license the video but it leaked before they had a chance.

Calls to Olivia’s reps where returned and they said: “Olivia has moved on from that part of her life and would like to not be reminded of those lacks of judgment.” Hey, Olivia… we ain’t mad at you but damn you could have been bigger than Kim Kardashian if you played your cards right. Kim remains the most downloaded porn video of all time, that could have been you Olivia!

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  • ROB

    Olivia Mojica really went ape shit about this video, but her parents where the driving force with all the lawyers and stuff. Olivia was very well liked on American Idol and well she will now be never forgotten for her sex tape videos LOL!

    • Sail Away

      I voted for Olivia on American Idol, now I vote for her sex tape video as she blows away Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. I think that was the craziest sex tape I have ever seen!

      Thanks ;)

      • Missed

        Hi, do you think you can send me a link of copy of where I can see it?

  • Julie

    The Olivia Mojica sex tape video was said to be one of the nastiest sex tape videos on the market blowing away celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. I must agree she is like a frikin tiger in bed that guy she is banging on is one lucky dude, wish it was me. Was this filmed in New York?

  • Raiders Fan

    Olivia Mojica is just plain and simple sexy. She has made the best sex tape video to date so yes I agree with you Julie on that for sure. Though I do not think she was that great of a singer on American Idol, there was much better talent out there than Olivia.

  • Peter_Pan

    Olivia Mojica has always been just a real cool girl. She used to live down the street from me and was not a slut or anything. I remember she had a couple boyfriends, but was only a couple. She has always been singing, she had leassons all the time thus never home.I have seen the sex tapes and yeah not sure where she got so nasty, but damn! Oh well I guess they say some of the more quite girls are the biggest freaks, I guess they where right with Olivia. I should have tried to date her back in the day but she was a bit too skinny for me. Damit

  • dean

    Not many people saw it. Lasted two days online.

  • Says Simon

    Talk about the one that got away! Looking back on it I’m sure she is kicking herself for not allowing that tape to fly up and away. Now unfortunately Olivia Mojica is all but forgotten : (

    • Brooke

      Never too late honey! She’s made it here which means she’s some kind of celebrity still – for now. I’m sure it is embarrassing for her parents and family to have this out there. But Olivia Mojica has nothing to be ashamed of. She’s super talented and sexy as all get out! Let it all out and live a little.

    • Sammy

      It really does break my heart that Olivia Mojica isn’t more famous. If Kim Kardashian can be as famous as she is for not doing a damn thing then Olivia Mojica who has a stunning voice and killer body should be at least as famous as that woman.

      • Itchy Woman

        I wouldn’t close the book on Olivia Mojica just yet. She could surprise anybody at anytime with something brand new from her. Though getting herself back in the rumor mill with another sex scandal or busted with some leaked nude photos sure couldn’t hurt. Nor would i object to any of that : )

  • Dean

    Vivid has it and I am not sure how long blocks on tapes last because nothing lasts forever. Not sure if they have the balls the leak it.

  • PootyTang

    Watched the Olivia tape in the members area and I can now see why she did not want it released. She is a little firecracker and very loud. 2 thumbs up!