A Paul McCartney sex tape video with ex-wife Linda Eastman has leaked to the internet and is making big news around the web according to recent reports showing the couple long ago in a very private moment from the 70’s.

The video shows Paul or someone that looks a hell of a lot like him making love on tape with what appears to be Linda Eastman his long time wife from back in 1972. The video in question shows Paul walking around a motel room naked smoking then moves over and starts caressing Eastman very slowly almost like it was filmed for a documentary. The video is the same type of quality that the Jimi Hendrix videos are with a bit of yellow tint to the film, however you can make it out just fine and run time is about 20min.

If you are a Beatles fan this is a must see video for sure! There is also video of band mates at a local pub getting sloshed and random girls showing their private parts to them. Though all these videos are filmed in 8mm the quality is still not that bad.

Calls to the Beatles management have been returned “The videos in question where filmed without the consent of Paul McCartney or the band.”