Married American writer and anti-terrorism specialist Paula Dean Broadwell was busted in a crazy sex scandal involving International Security Assistance Force commander David Petraeus and now according to reports there is the Paula Broadwell sex tape video she has to worry about as well.

The video is not video of General Petraeus but is a masturbation video meant to be seen only by the General however was intercepted and leaked by an un-known source. The video shows what is said to be Paula in a chair in front of her pc through video chat masturbating extremely hard and talking dirty and stuff until she orgasms shaking uncontrollably. We will not be saying if we think the video is of Broadwell as we do not want to be on her s**t list but most people that have seen it say there is no doubt at all.

Even crazier, her husband Scott Broadwell is staying by her side through all of this for the time being anyways, even though she has admitted to having several affairs. Her book titled “All In” is selling like hotcakes making her very rich, so we can understand her husband not wanting to leave just yet.

Calls to Paula’s reps have not been made as we are scared of her and the Feds.

  • Chen_Lie

    Sex and Politics who would have thought that? LMAO!

    Politicians and people in power have to have sex scandal in their lives as anything else after what they see on a daily basis aint shit to them. The only way to get the blood pumping is to do something extremely risky if they get caught. I do bet the sex is amazing knowing if you get caught something like the entire world knowing about it would be the consequences. It is well known that those type of people need the rush in their life, just so that don’t go bonkers with boredom.

    • Wei Chi Linh

      Yup sex, cheating, money and politics are what the worlds powerful are made of. Meanwhile all us little people get fucked to but by the amount of money we pay in taxes to bank roll the politicians bullshit. Same ol same all day every day. Sucks to be an American.

  • Hillbilly Babe

    Politicians have all the luck and are always getting caught up in sex scandals. Damn I went into the wrong business, I knew I should have been a politician in the government!!