Ok, things just went from bad to worse for the Royal son Prince Harry as according to recent reports the girls that where parting with the Prince set his ass up in a big way recording the entire Prince Harry sex tape video! One of the girls was able to sneak in an IPhone that collected not only photos of the night that we have all seen, but also video of Prince Harry having sex with one of the girls in the bathroom. So this would turn out to be the first ever ROYAL celebrity sex tape video ever leaked!

The department that handles the royal family affairs are frantically scrambling trying to snatch the sex tape videos before they are leaked to the internet for public view. Even going so far as sending representatives to Las Vegas searching for everyone that stepped foot in Prince Harry’s hotel room at the Wynn Resort.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas has also now dumped his royal ass saying: “I am deeply surprised and totally humiliated by what has taken place and I will not stand by his side any longer” OUCH!

[UPDATE] – The video that appears to be Prince Harry in the bathroom with the chick from Las Vegas has hit the net and users are split as to if it is indeed the Prince or not as he never turns around.

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  • mandy

    This is going to be huge… tell the prince not to go under any tunels in london for a while ;)

    • anon

      I know right.. we all know what happened to princess Diane when she started not following the royal family rules. He better just lay low for like the next year or so. Watch your ass Prince Harry!!!!!

    • WHIPIT

      For real right.. I would lock myself in my royal room with some local hookers for the next few years.

  • misty-j

    Well I don’t know about all you guys but I think Prince Harry is one sexy ginger man and if his woman can’t stand by his side during this royal scandle, screw her. I will be waiting on this video to leak and really would like to see it. I heard he has a super small royal penis, hope it is not true.


  • richard

    HOLY SHIT! Prince Harry naked pictures and now a sex tape! The royal family cracks me up (do as we say not as we do) To funny!

  • Big L

    HAHAHAHA The Royal Prince of Wales has a tiny pecker, see not all men are created equal.

    • defence

      Rumor has it that he has about 5″ of meat ROTFLMAO! Poor little guy.

  • frycook

    When are top celebrities going to learn what happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas! I have no idea how many times a celebrity has gone there and been set up by all the hookers out there that are only in it for one thing… money.

    Last time I was in Vegas there was a call girl every 20yards out there trying to pretend that they are really interested in me, though I knew damn well there was no way as they where smoking hot. People constantly get taken advantage of in Vegas as all that is there is evil. I myself will not be going back to Vegas ever.

    The Prince has a long road ahead of him and needs to just stay out of site for a while and let all this cool off.

    • Holis

      You are dead on right “frycook” I will never understand how powerful celebrities continue to go out there and not expect some shit to go down and be caught on video or pictures. baffles me


    Prince Harry was a naughty boy the queen is probably spanking his little ass right now.

  • The Eagle Has Landed

    He is actually pretty good looking for a ginger man.


  • denny96

    His girlfriend dumped him? Well she is a dumb bitch for going out with his ass anyways. Everyone in the UK knows damn well that they spread their royal oats all over the world and are never faithfull EVER! So do I feel sorry for her that Prince Harrys “cheated” on her??… Hell no!

    I am also like they rest of the world looking forward to watching the video if not anything but to get a good laugh ;)

  • thuglife4ever

    That’s what’s up!

  • Vegas Chick

    I know the girls that where with him as it is well known in the local escort community. He was set up and yes there is nude pictures and sex tape video of Prince Harry in the bathroom with a girl that goes by the name of Tiffiny. I guess the word is that one of the girls had her cell phone in her underware and the pictures and video taken the Prince had no idea. He not only had sex that night he also slept with a couple other local girls. It was some big talk at Club Pure recently.

  • Kris

    I think he was totally set up, bitches can be so scandaless these days. It is hard to trust a chick now that is probably why I am still single LOL!

  • Molly

    Prince Harry?! You’d think MI-6 would be on the case. Good job keepin this off the internet 007.