An aspiring model and actor, Shay “Buckeye” Johnson has made a name for herself for rap and hip hop music videos and now that name will be remembered for the Shay Johnson Buckeye sex tape video.

Shay was also one of the thirteen contestants fighting for $50,000 on the reality etiquette show, Charm School, but was eliminated during the finale. Now she stars in the Shay Johnson sex tapes where you see her suck like a champion and bounce like a pro. Shay is known in the hip hop industry and a woman that “takes care” of several celebrity hip hop artists like Puffy, Snoop, 50cent, etc etc. the list goes on and on including producers, managers… you get the idea.

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  • Johana Blank


  • Rally D

    Oh God! Hit me with your best shot if you would please Shay Johnson.

    • Brant The Man

      Watch out what you wish for because I heard shes a real “squirter”.

  • Calvin Flunders

    Good ol’ “buckeye” probably takes a shot in the eye every time.

    • Video_kid

      I think shes fine and hot and super foxy!

  • Costigan

    These reality stars absolutely kill me. Can’t make it on your reality show? Hey no swear I’ll make a sex tape and make money that way : )