American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and political activist Sheryl Crow has been the front of reports that a Sheryl Crow sex tape video was made with famous ex-boyfriend Kid Rock.

The video according to reports features Sheryl on Kid Rocks tour bus in the back bedroom area while the bus was on its way to yet another Kid Rock concert in 2002. (Note: When we die, we want to be re-incarnated as Kid Rocks tour bus, just saying) Video run time is around 7min and shows Kid recording the sexual loving on what appears to be his personal camcorder featuring insane doggy style action and he never even puts down the joint in his hand or misses a beat on Sheryl while taking a puff off of what we can only assume was some fire sticky icky. As you all know by now Kid Rocks tour bus has seen more recorded pun-tang than a LA gynecologist with so many videos coming out of there we have actually lost count now.

Calls to Sheryl’s reps have not been returned as of yet and paparazzi are to scared to ask Kid in person as last time videos where brought up to him he punched the reported in the side of the head.

[UPDATE] – Local paparazzi finally got the balls to ask Kid Rock about the videos and he replied: “Man, I have a new policy… no camera recording equipment is allowed on my bus.” Well put though we hope he was not serious! LOL