Shia LaBeouf has confirmed that he in fact does have videos of himself and is proud to share the Shia LaBeouf sex tape videos with those that want to see them any time!

LaBeouf recently stated “I sent Von Trier some REAL intimate footage of myself and my current girlfriend Karolyn Pho to land the part in an up and coming movie.” “I don’t know what it’s gonna be until I get out there. I know he’s a very dangerous director, I know we’re trying to do something different. It’s not your typical film. It’s about what it’s about.” His next big screen film by Lars Von Trier’s called “Nymphomaniac” and all the love making that takes place in the film will be the real deal and totally un-simulated with real penetration, according to CNN and The Wallstreet Journal.

LaBeouf went all philosophical about getting down on screen and his major sex addiction. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex. Sex is beautiful if it’s done right. And I wouldn’t just do it for no reason. Sex is different than love, and there is a separation, and that middle gap is what the movie’s about,” he told USA Today.

We believe that watching LaBeouf in Nymphomaniac may very well be a very highly watched movie for sure, and watching the Shia Labeouf sex tape video parts will be watched much more with most people using the rewind button several times!

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  • Regan

    He is a bit fucked in the head, but my god has he Shia gotten sexy as hell over the years. I would do him ;)

    • wendy-apples

      I would have to agree with you Regan. It seems as though Shia LaBeouf is really trying to get rid of his Transformers Disney kid image. He is taking some roles in Hollywood that only a few could pull off and he is def one of them. Sometimes you have to be completely nutts to make a pard work. And yes I would not kick his ass out of the bed either.

      Wendy XOXOXO

  • mischca_63



    He is a dick, was in a bar with him and he was talking so much fucking shit “Do you know who I am?” etc. etc. He almost had his ass kicked like 10 times that night as he would not just stfu.

  • ricky

    He has a god complex, to rich for his own good. I think he is worth like 21M or something like that. Not bad at that age but hard to control.

  • clair

    Holy shit Shia is so flippin hot… but he knows it too.


    My god I think he is so sexy, too bad he is such a mental case. He also must have a small penis as men that go after young asian chicks usually have small peepee’s. Shia hits many catagories in the small penis area. Short, small hands, chases asian girls etc. etc. Classic case of small man syndrome.

  • panther of love

    it must be some kind of Hollywood policy that you have to be a complete weirdo to be an actor. This guy isn’t playing with a whole deck.

  • Deadmou5

    Actors like Shia LaBeouf are just fucking crazy in the head like partner says. The other thing that most people don’t know about Shia is he fucking stinks, meaning he washes like maybe 1-2 times a week. If you ever meet him the smell you smell is his stank ass. And, no I am not a hater just stating the facts that a lot of top men celebs need a little help in the hygiene area.

  • Mr Lawrence

    Shia Labeouf is bat shit crazy. He constantly gets into fights with people over nothing and then gets his ass kicked if his body guards are not around. It just happened in Canada at a local pub. Shia got lippy with one of the guys there and he took Shia outside and beat the shit out of him.