Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess, super model most known for her shows on Univision in the late 1990s and currently on Modern Family Sofia Vergara has been, according to reports caught up in the leaked Sofia Vergara sex tape video and reports are that it is smoking hot!

The sex tapes are said to show Sofia and her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez whom she married when she was just 18 getting it on and recorded from a 90’s camcorder. Run time is about 35min and filmed sometime in 1993 showing a very naked Sofia on the couples couch masturbating in front of Joe recording her talents, then he simply puts the camera down facing Sofia and joins in for the fun getting very well taken care of and finishes off doing his business on her back side.

As we all know Sofia was a bit of a firecracker back in her early days with Univision always being the center of several racy photo scandals. She has also dated some very high profile celebs like: Tom Cruise, Luis Miguel, Chris Paciello, Tyrese Gibson and the list goes on and on.

Calls to Sofia’s reps have not been returned to us personally, however reporters caught up with her outside of a local Starbucks and she was said to have replied: “I was very young when I first married Joe and him and I had made some bad decisions, but I am very happy now with Nick (Nick Loeb local business man) and would like to not discus the issue anymore.”

[UPDATE] – New reports are saying that Sofia has been caught up again in some exposed video of her and her new man Joe Manganiello and that the video shows them painting each other and then later having sex in the bedroom with all the paint still on their bodies. We are hunting down the full video and as soon as we find it will be posting it in the members area. This one excites us for sure as Sofia Vergara is one of our favorite Latin goddesses on the planet!

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  • Ricky

    She looks like Eva Mendes, spanish women are so fucking hot it is unreal. I like the video but why are 80’s and 90’s videos always yellowish in color?

    • Chris Hoolagin

      They are yellow due to the inferior recording on tape and the older the video is before it is digitized the worse it is.

      I used to watch Sofia Vergara on Univision and would always have such dirty thoughts of her like every other man that watched it. hehe

    • Astra

      I think Sofia is better looking than Eva in my personal opinion that matters ;)

  • goaaallll

    LMAO I can not belive how many people have not heard of Sofia she is huge in Columbia and known as one of the hottest women in the world. She has recently got acting gigs in the States on movies like The Smurfs, Happy Feet and The Three Stooges… yeah they all suck as far as movies go but seeing Sofia all sexied up is good for me!

  • Brian Lionheart

    Fun fact on Sofia Vergara… she is actually a natural blond, the studios ask her to dye her hair to give her more of the Latino feel. No matter what color hair she has I do not give a shit as you can see from the naughty videos of her she shaves… so all is good! Sometimes mexian chicks hair on the cats can just be out of control. LMAO!

  • Billy B

    Not sure who Sofia Vergara is but damn man after watching that video I will not soon forget her. ;)

    • Hama Lovalot

      I can’t believe how many people that have not, Sofia has been a knock out ever since she was very young. I knew she would sooner or later hook up with a very rich man as that is the only kind of man that can afford a chick this hot. I still have a chance though I do play the lottery.

  • Carlos

    When Sofia was on Univision she wore too much makeup that was not needed as she is naturally beautiful.

  • Spanish_Fly

    I heard she was wild as fuck when she was younger, no wonder she had a tape leak.