Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder who also did a stint on The Amazing Race has stuck her foot in her mouth while confronting cast members at a recent taping of the Vanderpump Rules reality show. During the shoot for a reunion show Stassi accused members of talking about her self pleasure masturbation sex tape video that she had made for an ex-boyfriend years ago, (we are going to go out on a limb here and assume it was for Jax Taylor and not her current boyfriend Patrick Meagher). Then during filming of the show the members brought it up putting Stassi on the spot big time. She then called out Scheana Shay as the one who put the entire leak together and that the frenemies where the ones behind the entire ordeal.

The video is simply a video of Stassi masturbating on tape that was made for her bf years ago and the bf supposedly is the one that ended up sharing the video that eventually made it to her peers. We have seen the footage and must say Stassi has a super nice body and gets the shakes easy from what we had seen, we also love her moaning and the crazy looking “O” face she makes at peak. lol No word from her ex-bf as of yet, though we have sent messages to a couple known boyfriends of Stassi and her reps looking for more details… This is a very new leak so we are digging a bit more into the details and will report back with some updates as soon as they become available.

[UPDATE] – Stassi was spotted and asked about the masturbation tape that has leaked and she replied “Yes, it is me and was meant for someone else not the entire world to see… I guess it is something that I will just have to deal with now.”

[UPDATE] – Reports are coming in stating that in fact we were right the video was made for Jax Taylor and he is the one that had leaked the said solo orgasm tape of Stassi… we have sent an email to Jax to try and get some conformation.

[UPDATE] – It has come to light that our previous report of the tape being filmed for Jax was incorrect and that it was in fact filmed for an ex-boyfriend that she will not name nor can you tell by watching the video as of course this is a solo masturbation video, she only refers to him as “scumbag”. The other fact that came out was that Lisa Vanderpump did in fact pay the ransom of $900 in cash in hopes to make the tape go away. It is still unknown whether or not Lisa, Stassi or the ex is the one that leaked the tape to the public.

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  • Gary Love

    Nothing wrong with Stassi making love to herself a bit, a little rubbing I guess goes a long way.

  • Adam

    I have never even heard of Stassi Schroeder before but shit man she is pretty damn hot in that little robe with nothing on under it. I like!

  • Erica Larks 668

    I thought that Stassi was just a full time blogger now… When did this all happen, shit I am so behind on my celeb news.

  • J Dog

    All these “reality” celebrities are so full of themselves and flash their goods all the time trying to bump the ratings. Seems like making a sex tape is now a good PR move. I have never even heard of Stassi until just now.

  • Linda

    I would like to know who has not done something like this… I think we all have at some point. Stassi just simply sent her nude masturbation tape to the wrong person and everyone knows damn well that he is the one that leaked the video. It seems a new tape is leaking every single week of some famous celeb from something they did recently or in the past. Now with a camera on damn near everything you own, I can only see this happening more and more.

  • sex

    She want to get attention and popularity by making sextap. It’s obvious

  • VR Fan

    Great one guys, I could not find this bad boy anywhere. Everyone is saying it was a dildo, though it looked more like a vibrator to me.

  • John

    Anyone know where to find it now?

    • Asian Tension

      I had the same question and found out by emailing them… ShowbizSpy partnered with David who owned and why they have an entire sex tapes division now on the site and the videos are still ran by David’s company. If you click on the big watch videos link up above you can enter the members database allowing you to watch all the celeb sex tape videos.

  • Gary

    Awesome video, great find ya’ll… I was able to watch it in the members area but how do I download it to my phone.?

  • Shower Head Fun

    This girl fizzled out of tv quick after the show Vanderpump Rules even with a sex tape. I guess masturbation sex tape videos don’t do as well as full blown sex videos.