SueLyn had this nasty little sex tape video leak to the internet and could not believe what she saw as they all do. SueLyn in the video is very freaky and man that body looks better nude than it does when she is modeling if you can believe that. The video features her doing whatever her boyfriend ask her to and she is a very vocal one for sure, we hope they don’t have close neighbors LOL!

As we all know sexy super model SueLyn Medeiros is one of the hottest women on the planet and she has just learned that sex tapes of her and her man just hit the internet after the videos where jacked from her computer without permission … and now, she’s gearing up to sue as they all do.

SueLyn claims that she has no idea how it happened but says she has already contacted her lawyer, and plans to drop the legal hammer on any website that publishes the video. (too late) ;)

In a statement she says, “I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me … I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I’m sure every couple does.” Sue Lyn then adds, “Someone stole these files from us … My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can’t stop crying. I want justice.”

Calls to SueLyn have not been returned… though we all know how she feels about the sex tapes being leaked without her permission.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Busted

    Has this video been made available of yet? I love SueLyn and really want to see this sex tape for sure. Please let me know.

  • Nate Harlen

    I 2nd that motion (in bed). ROTFLMAO

  • golf_fan


    • Carter James

      YES SHE IS! Ive dated Mexican chicks before and thet are a blast in the sack.

  • Terry K

    If I blow my load to Sue Lyn Medeiros and nobodys around to hear it is it still considered blowing my load?

  • Ketchup Dude

    Name something you squeeze with one hand? lol

  • Ketchup Dude

    Do you believe in magic because Santa Claus is cummin to town!

  • chuckmorris

    Suelyn Medeiros hands down is the most beautiful woman on this site. She’s everthing you’d want – sexy, classy, dirty ; ). So do yourselves a favor and look no further than this absolute bombshell’s sextape. Enjoy!

  • RoscoePeecoTrain

    You hear people say it all of the time, it you don’t want a tape of yourself out there then don’t make a tape with you having sex in it. Oh and while every couple may have sex I’m not convinced every couple puts it on video

  • EdtheDead

    Suelyn Medeiros can’t ever be accused of having an over abundance of brains. I’m putting my money on her losing this video of hers to her own stupidity. What’s my reasoning for questioning her intelligence? In 2011 she dated Chris Brown. Stupid is as stupid does

  • Fairy Dust

    You’re super pissed and hurt about your leaked sex scandal (never heard of that one before). Then you’ve got yourself a great publicist, because it’s looking like you’re trying to cash in on this. Not that I would do anything different if I was in her shoes

  • Janes Town

    Ya know this is my kind of woman. Gorgeous, flirty, a hot mess. She got picked up on DUI charges after hitting a parked car with a DeLorean! Now that’s a walkin good time if I’ve ever seen one!!