Tiger Woods now has a lot more problems with his wife Elin Nordegren as the Tiger Woods sex tape video was supposedly filmed by one of his many extra marital affairs.

The video is said to show Tiger having sex with Rachel Uchitel one of the main girls in the PGA tour pro’s stable. Tiger denied they even had a relationship two days after The Enquirer posted the original story, however later backtracked and said that “yes indeed I did have a relationship with Rachel”. After Woods affair was out in the open several other females also claimed to have slept with the golf superstar in different cities around the world! Several had text messages and video of their encounters with Tiger.

Tiger was said to of tainted the tour and lost a lot of fans and sponsors in the process however he has lately been coming back as a PGA Tour pro  favorite in the golfing community.

Tiger Woods is now single and free to mingle but has kept his dating status very hush hush and away from the media.

[UPDATE] – A young woman from Vietnam has come forward with new video that supposedly shows Tiger and her having sex at his hotel room at the golf course. The video seems to have been filmed without Tiger even knowing the sexual encounter was being filmed.

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  • Big_Ben

    Tiger got a hole in one!… Too early for this one?! LMAO!

  • Lover

    Why the fuck would Tiger Woods cheat on Elin Nordegren that girl is so fine and the girls that Tiger cheated on her with are ugly as can be. I just don’t get it, whats up with that Tiger, come on be real!

    • Dustin Johnson Fan

      It is real simple, Elin was probably not rocking his boat at home and the other girls would do things that she may have not wanted to do. Example maybe Tiger likes having sex on tape doggy style and Elin wants nothing to do with either one of those things. Well his ass is Tiger he can go get it from just about anyone. Why he chose ugly chicks… well that one I have no idea about.

      • ambrose

        Ugly chicks need lovin too! But also some were porn stars ; ). Can’t call them or Elin Nordegren herself ugly.

      • box

        More like he likes to hang off of rafters with a lamp somewhere up an ass and Elin, not so much.

  • Rich

    Have you guys seen the spoof video of the sex tapes yet? Too damn funny was on Saturday Night Live to. I have seen the video of Tiger and Rachel Uchitel and she is no trophy that is for sure, though I agree with Dustin Fan she was probably a nasty hoe in bed and men love nasty hoes that will do anything.

    • Boingo

      I saw it Rich it was pretty funny.Did Tiger get any sex tape video with any hotter girls? maybe Elin???? Man how good would that one be she is so damn cute.


    damn rich guys get all the pussy. shit man they walk outside their door and have 5 women just waiting for the chance to sleep with them. With so many groupie girls that go to those golf tournaments I bet Tiger has slept with thousand of women. Just think about all the girls from all over the world. Only a few local girls came forward I bet there is just tons of girls he cheated on Elin Nordegren. What a dumb ass to lose that fine woman!

    • Fat mike

      He was a dumbass for sure for losing Elin Nordegren. She’s a too fine! But I suppose now he can have all of the skank punani he can shake his wang at. Nice!

      • Tapestry of four

        He’s only got 100 million+ reasons to keep himself company. He’ll be a’ight.

    • Tapestry of four

      He’s all hush hush these days about his frolicking. But you know damn well he hasn’t stop puttin it to the honey’s. Now that you’re divorced and everything’s out in the open, go to town!!

  • Fat mike

    I don’t think Tiger was all that wrong. He said he was having all of this infidelity because he thought he deserved it through a lifetime of hard work. He’s won a butt load of tournaments over the years and was the number golfer for ever! So he likes a little strange every now and again (daily), I say let him have it. Money and fame can’t buy you happiness? Well it goes a long ways in bringing together the hot snatch : )

    • bittie

      The worst is all of these pro golfers who came out against Tiger Woods cutting him down for what he did. All along the speaking out of both sides of their mouth because of their own mistresses they are attending to.

    • Usul

      I disagree. You want to go out and throw your dick around to anyone who’ll have it. Fine, just don’t get married. Problem solved.

      • Usul

        Especially if you are a highly visible celebrity like Tiger Woods. The embarrassment alone you could bring to your family should make you at least pause to think about what you could put them through.

  • timmy

    You ever notice that the times that Tiger was doing poorly, or plain out of golf, was when he wasn’t fucking. My thought is he’s back to slappin that ass these days.

  • Bane

    hahaha Tiger Woods a fucking golfer caught up in a bunch os sex tapes with PGA groupies. I can tell you this, in the PGA there is shit tons of girls trying to bang those guys all the time. It would have been hard to be Tiger Woods and not sleep with a thousand women from different countries when all the girls are totally throwing themselves at you. Hell, I couldn’t do it, I would have to bang every single one of them. Funny, how he has had to pay off so many women. Fuck it man let them leak the videos, who cares. It would only help ya get a ton of pussy. Unless of course you have a small dick, I mean you are 1/2 Asian after all.