Tonya Harding was the first woman to ever get a perfect score in figure skating and now she has gotten a big 10 for the Tonya Harding sex tape video though this time there is no lead pipe involved.

Tonya shows just how dirty our Olympic athletes can be, stripping, spreading her pink wide for the camera, getting boned left and right by her then husband in their very own sex tapes, all recorded for your viewing pleasure. If there was a Gold Medal for “Olympic sex tapes”, the Tonya Harding Sex Tapes would definitely be on the podium, hell she may even set the world record!

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  • Busted

    This bitch will fuck you up! First Tonya has her idiot dumb shit ex Jeff Gillooly take a bat to Tonya’s competition and then she starts a boxing career? Holy shit man stear clear!

  • Lilian A

    I think shes hot. Always have. I watch her on tru tvs dumbest videos all the time. Now Ive just watched her on haha

  • Tyreese

    Kin I takes a baseball bats to her knees? She jus a hater.

  • Terry K

    I had to find an empty bag of potato chips to release my self in.. LOL :)

  • chuckmorris

    She may be a knee swingin vengeful bitch. But this tape of hers is some dirty ass shit!! You can tell she is really is trying to out slut any other celebrity sex tape out there. But hey, you go girl!