That’s right rapper celebrity has recently had the Tupac Shakur sex tape video leak to the public from the source that purchased the video and said would not release the content according to recent reports!

Here we have the rapper legend Tupac Shakur at a party getting blow jobs by random groupie women in front of everyone at the Hollywood Hills party. The Tupac Shakur sex tape video in question shows 2Pac with a group of homies kickin it with weed, liqueur and women. At one point in the video, one of the females goes over to Tupac and starts giving him a very nice blowjob in front of everyone while the rapper is holding his drink in one hand and talking with a friend to the right. The best part of the video is no matter what Tupac does the girl giving him head never misses a beat. She is a trooper!

[UPDATE] – There is also new private footage of what is said to be Tupac banging on tons of willing women just waiting for their turn with the rap star that has leaked from several sources, we can’t believe the amount of women that this man has slept with. 2 PAC can also be seen in almost every video smoking on a fatty… Ahhhh to be a rap star!

[UPDATE] – Even more video of 2PAC getting it on with some girls that think they are in with the king of hip hop surfaced today and show the rapper having his way with 2 of them at the same time. Damn white girls are dumb. LOL

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  • Leon

    Is he a hologram in his sex tape? I sure do miss him and his music though. RIP Tupac.

  • Lawanda Johnson

    That boy was big, black and ready to attack! (my pussy) but then he died. rip my fine lil man. We miss you.

  • Tyreese

    I so do miss dis man. He had made dat grat musik and puts out dem awesomes cdz! hiz sex tape iz good tooz. Go watch ma nigga get hiz humps on!

  • LANCE alot

    Hey Tyreese …… If I throw a dictionary at you do you think you could catch it?

  • chuckmorris

    Only in America can a dead guy release a sex tape. And speaking of dead American’s still at it, check this out – Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio are suing each other! Don’t believe me? See for yourself – http://www.thirdage.com/news/marilyn-monroe-sued-joe-dimaggio_10-13-2010

    Only in America!!

  • Blackimus Rex

    To be a rap star indeed! Though I guess he was in connection with the young communist league. Which pretty much made him a dirty commie.

  • Woodson’s Leg

    “Blowjobs from random groupie girls”. Sign me up! Without all the shootem up death thing.

  • Beverly

    He one sexy man!

  • Cougar

    I can’t believe after losing genius rappers like Biggie and Tupac and the after math of all of these mass shootings going on all over the world that we aren’t seriously rethinking our gun fetish society that we live in. How many more innocent children and artists need to die from psycho paths before we look at sensible gun regulations? Nobody needs an automatic weapon to hunt anything. So I don’t want to hear that crap either!

    • Wreck it

      Taking away guns from innocent gun owners only exacerbates the issue. Not all gun owners are psycho paths just like not all owners of vehicles drive recklessly drunk. The solution lies in liberty and in peace. The United States has been in the business of killing the innocent for many a decade. Our ongoing multiple wars we spin around the world is sending the message to the mentally deranged that this is the thing to do. The solution isn’t less guns, it’s less violence. Teaching a culture of peace is the only answer and the only way to rise above this madness.

    • Georgia

      Amen cougar!

      • chuckmorris

        No. Amen Wreck it! The symptom is ourselves. Taking away inanimate objects does nothing in creating a solution to the problem. Peace will only be found once we find it within

  • Samantha

    I have heard of people owning tanks. I find this to be pretty silly. But if Govt tyranny comes down over the people, I’m not sure how silly mr tank owner will look after that.

  • Jerrycans

    He left us too soon. All we can do now is honor his memory. I’m not sure if watching his sexual exploits constitutes any honor. But then again the man was a sexual fiend. Maybe he wanted us to watch . . . and take notes.