Ok ladies your wait may be over as a Tyson Beckford sex tape video is being shopped around the adult entertainment community. The seller says the 45 minute Tyson Beckford video is not really a full blown sex video but shows the former Polo model pleasuring himself well during a recent Internet video chat with a female model.

According to reports Tyson makes references to some of the movies he’s appeared in and talks about some of his co-stars behind private doors and Beckford also reveals one of his pet peeves is being mistaken for Tyrese Gibson all the damn time.

A rep for Beckford states … the male super model has not seen the footage and will not release a statement until they can view the material that’s being shopped and authenticate that it is the real deal.

[UPDATE] – The Tyson Beckford video was leaked. Tyson was seen masturbating during a video conversation with an UN-named sexy female friend. According to reports the video is almost 1 full hour of one of the worlds most sexiest black men rubbing his own meat for your satisfaction. There is also now video of Tyson with what appears to be a supermodel getting their drink on at a local club and later hooking up for about 20min. Amazing how once it starts they just keep coming out of the woodwork.

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  • Linda G

    Looking forward to seeing the Tyson Beckford video. Hes such a hunk!

  • jasper l

    Will someone by me some Mc Donalds please?

    • Maybesadie

      . . . And what the fuck am I supposed to do with said Mcdonald’s once I buy the shit, smash it on my screen in hopes it’ll come out on yours? LMAO!!

  • Doug C

    No Thanks. Buy your own McDonalds you free loader.

  • Lilian A

    Yeah, lol cant wait lol to see lol this one rotflmao… tug that shit Tyson! Tug It!

  • Allan Jetto

    1M offer for full rights to the video. Dammmmmm, almost makes me wanna go out and set one up.

  • Jerrycans

    A cool mil just for jerkin it?! Now I have no idea what guy jerks it for an hour or how that could possibly be something ladies would get off on. But I’m sure there are things that I’m into that they don’t get either.

  • Dan

    Sorry, but it didn’t happen.

    What you are seeing is a still from a “Make me a Supermodel” TV show party which was held in Sydney, Australia a few years ago. The woman is Jackie Frank, one of the show’s hosts.

    See: http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Tyson+Beckford/Jackie+Frank/Celebrities+Attend+Marie+Claire+Cocktail+Party/YN66UM7sGqL

    Shortly before this photo, Beckford had just taken off his clothes and jumped in the swimming pool to seize a bit of attention.

    • Bitchin Times

      Dan you happen to be wrong on one point and right on the other. Yes the pic they have above is not the masterbation sex tape video, however they don’t use nude images to stay SFW on this site. But yes in fact he does have a sex tape of himself masterbating on video cam chat with some chick, thus celebrity sex tape ;) http://www.tmz.com/2012/05/13/tyson-beckford-sex-tape-shopped/

      Cheers Mate!

  • Woodson’s Leg

    An hour?! Brother you are seriously doing something wrong if you have to jerk your man for a friggin hour?!!! Somebody get this man some lube. Better yet get lil miss standing around watching you rub one out to pitch in and take one for the team

  • Barabara Wawa

    I will be right here watching this video with the rest of the ladies if you need me.

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha


  • RoscoePeecoTrain

    Is it really a leak when the tapes just keep coming out?