Who is Vanessa Minnillo, how does she look having sex with Nick Lachey, why is Linsay Lohan holding a knife to her throat and what do her tits look like? For answers to these and other important questions take a look at the Vanessa Minnillo sex tape video for yourself.

Story goes Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa where drunk off their asses playing around (where the famous pic came from) later that night they ended up having sex with each other and was recorded via Lindsay’s cell phone. Then later reports surfaces of Vanessa and her then boyfriend Nick Lachey where at a LA hotel and had sex in a hot tub that was located outside of the hotel and you can see Vanessa plain as day grinding up and down on Nick for about 10min.

[UPDATE] – There is new video said to be Vanessa and old boyfriend Derek Jeter having sex in what appears to be Vanessa’s bedroom that features crazy close ups of Derek holding the recording device while hitting Vanessa from behind. We have seen the video and can not be sure as you do not really see her face but you can hear what appears to be Derek in the background talking dirty to her and she is replying with “Oh f**k yeah.” Either way great flick!

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  • Robbi H

    Vanessa Minnillo looks really good without her clothes on. Ive seen pics and vids and that “was” a nice landing strip.

  • Allan Jetto

    Never heard of her. I must be living in the dark ages.

    • Rally D

      You are living in the dark ages Allan Jetto. Get it together!!

  • TG

    Plant need water to grow by my cock dont.

  • Timtim

    Have you seen Vanessa Minnillo lately? She looks sooooo hot pregnant. I do have a thing for pregnant women. I find them to be so super attractive. Not fat girls mind you, just the glow of pregnancy just seems to do it for me : ).