That’s right ladies and gentlemen Verne Troyer sex tape video AKA Mini Me has leaked to the net with his nice little hot brunette ex-girlfriend Ranae who had nothing against little people as we can see int he sex tapes. What is crazy is that media attention whore Ranae Shrider is the one that “leaked” the video of the couple going at it midget style. Ranae also went on record after the release of the tape and said that “Verne is like a sex addict… he wants to have sex with me no matter what time of the day it is… I think he is smashing Viagra or something he always wanted me. As far as the sex though that was the one draw back with Verne, he was a great person but the love making really did nothing for me.”

The Verne Troyer sex tape video is well let’s just say one of a kind, as Verne mounts then Girlfriend Ranae Shrider and actually does a pretty good job at pleasing her over and over again. However, the video just seems really weird to us, kinda like watching a baby try and f**k a full grown woman and just could not get over that issue. The run time of the video is about 30min and the one thing that we thought was crazy was that his tongue reminded us a lot of Gene Simons as it is huge, long and pointy…so Verne shows us if you can’t get it done with your dingy use your tongue as your backup plan.

Is Verne showing us size doesn’t matter? Take a look at the sex tapes and decide for yourself!

Calls to Verne’s reps came back to us finally: “No comment” LOL!

[UPDATE] – There is new video of what is said to be Verne at the playboy mansion getting a hand err… finger job by some sexy looking bleached blond while others are dancing and she was able to make the little guy sing! This is not hard to believe as Verne has become kind of a permanent fixture at all the Playboy mansion parties for about the last 5 years. Hugh Hefner was quoted saying “I love having the little guy here, he is a lot of fun to be with”.

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  • KimK

    I am not sure I want to see a man the size of a baby getting it on with some UN-known chick. Seems kinda gross if you ask me.

  • kim_love

    Agreed this video is just not right. He is such a little dude, with a penis no bigger than my pinky ;(

  • Spurling

    I would watch the video just for the freaks of nature about. If he did Kim Kardashian Im pretty sure he would fall in and never to be found again!

  • Celeb Fan

    Damn I bet this Verne Troyer AKA mini me sextape is just plain gross. If I where you guys I would remove this video from your archive so that people don’t accidentally throw up while watching the video. LOL

    • Allan Jetto

      But hes so tiny and cute and huggable and loveable. Keep him on your site.

    • Dulang

      Hey watching midgets have sex is a big deal. There’s a lot of people who are really into it. Throw in the fact he’s a super famous celebrity and you have your self one hot item.

  • Lilian A

    I agree wit you Celeb Fan. I dont think I could watch his video witout bustin out laughing. I dont think anything about it would turn me on. But hey, Ill give it a shot anyways. Here goes nuttin.

  • Troy

    I loved Verne Troyer in Austin Powers as mini me can’t say that I would like to see his baby dick on a sex tape video though. *barf*!

    • Timtim

      Ha ha! I most certainly have to agree with you, Troy. Out of morbid curiosity I did watch this tape. It was mediocre at best I suppose. But it did kind of look like she was trying to fuck a doll : )

  • Dulang

    Midget porn! Don’t knock it til you tried it.

  • Rick rocket

    Uh yeah, pass!!!!

  • Mike Doling

    This is proof right here that is perfect okay to be a very . . . very short person. You just want to make sure you have lots of fame and money.

  • Seinfeld

    Sex and love knows no bounds. Shit the elephant man had a lover why can’t mini-me?

  • Sally

    Now that I’ve seen the exposed nude photos of this guy’s sex scandal I can now say without a doubt gross!

  • Wendy Lark

    The Verne Troyer & Ranae Shrider sex tape will leave you in a wounder wtf that was look. Verne is so small and watching the video just gave me the willies. Like he is smaller than a midget, looks like a baby trying to hump a full grown woman and wtf is Ranae thinking doing that little guy. I mean shit I am sure he is a cool person but damn she must be a media whore and that is about the only reason why she made the tapes with him. I agree with most people the movie is kinda gross and will not do anything for you unless you have a midget fetish of course.