Yikes! Victoria Justice famous for not only being drop dead gorgeous but also an American actress, singer and songwriter. She hit the scene as an actress at the age of only ten years old and has since appeared in several movies and television series including the hit Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and Victorious. Funny thing is that she is also known well for her charity work with several organizations generating millions in donations. Only now, after the enormous 2014 nude photos and video hacking scandal that has effected so many power celebs, she can now possibly add her name to the list of the victims according to reports and legal documents.

The nude photos of Victoria at first where denied by her and her staff but later came clean after even more leaked that just could not be denied and now a tape is on the market claiming to be of Victoria and Pierson Fode. The sex tape is said to show Victoria being filmed on the toilet and then after she jokes around telling the male to “get the f**k out you pervert” while the couple playfully laugh about it. Later the video cuts back on to a woman wearing the same red shirt and same color hair and style in a darkened room giving the person we assume is Pierson or possibly Ryan Rottman a thorough blowjob while he grabs and tugs at her ass. There is no sex in the video only the blowjob scene, others have reported that there was in fact full blown sex but as of yet we have not seen any proof to go with those rumors.

The hacking scandal where she denied all the nude photos where of her was huge news as she was dead set that they where fakes but then after she had said that even more nude pics came to light and she could deny no more. Victoria even told the paparazzi that “yes they where of me and the feds are dealing with it now. It is sick how people invade your privacy these days” Hey Victoria, you are a celebrity… that goes along with the territory babe.

[UPDATE] – Confirmed by staff of Victoria Justice that the hacked content was in fact legit and is in legal documents. We already knew this but hey thanks for getting back with us on it anyways.

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  • Brian Gum

    Yup, I heard the same thing about the hacking scandal and how she denied the pictures and want not where real and then did a 180 saying that she was hacked. I guess the feds are involved trying to still figure out exactly who did it but the leads have gone dry. All these celebrities keep taking pictures and video of themselves naked and having sex, they have got to know that sooner or later it will leak out to the public. Are they that stupid to think someone will not eventually get their hands on the content?

  • Bum McLover


  • Jen

    Pierson Fode is sexy as hell!

  • Financial Dude

    This type of thing is going to be happening all the time and the celebs don’t care it only helps keep them in the media. Didn’t they have like a list of 50+ celebrities that got hacked and had 1,000’s of nude photos and video just in Sept of last year? I remember reading about it in the WSJ how the FBI had not leads and they have only been able to lock one guy up for hacking back in 2013. Celebrity sex tapes are not going anywhere, there is a camera everwhere you turn, that on top of celebs knowing damn well sex sells. Business will be good for you guys for many years to come, got any stock I can buy? LMAO

    • King Tuts Nutts

      Agreed it seems like a celebrity leaks on purpose either nude images or a sex tape when they start to fall off in the media a bit. Look at Miley she is constantly going nude and Kim Kardashian does the same stuff. Can’t be mad at them though they are getting paid and free press. ;()

  • Blown

    Who gives a shit, as long as they keep leaking all their nude photos and videos I could care less. Victoria is just another sexy ass celeb that tried to keep the good girl image but when documents get leaked you can see she is just as freaky as the rest of them. Have you not heard that usually the quite girls are the freakiest in the sack. I just can not tell if it is Pierson or Ryan grrr.

  • Luke L Long

    Shit man if Victoria needs a partner I would love to volunteer to be in her next hacked sex tape. LOL!!!!