Wanda Nara is an Argentinean supermodel who became famous after rumors of a romance with football legend Diego Armando Maradona where confirmed and now one of the most beautiful women in the world has a video any man would want to see and the Wanda Nara sex tape video will not dis-appoint!

The Wanda Nara sex tape video shows that she is definitely a pro at handling balls like her ex! LOL The video features a very private moment of playful sex and a great 2 handed blow job which we like to see. She bounces around on Diego with that absolutely perfect celeb booty of hers and Diego has a smile on his face the entire 35min as would any man with a heartbeat would.

Calls to Wanda’s reps have confirmed: “Yes it is Wanda in the video and we have no other comment at this time”. Hmm maybe they will get back to us. hehe

[UPDATE] – About another 15min of video from a different night have been released of Wanda and Diego having sex at a local nude beach, the video shows the couple laying out but naked and then she leans over and starts to give him a hand job finished off with a nice loving BJ.

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  • Allan Jetto

    FIRST!! Yes she can handle my balls any day!

  • Bart Louser

    She just gave me a happy ending. Thanks Wanda.

  • Jake from statefarm

    I like the look on her face when she slobs the knob and does a real good job.

  • Eric

    Women just don’t get any sexier than Argentinians! Wanda Nara is absolutely no exception either. Where’s a plan to South America when you need one!!!

    • Jitters76

      Yes she is drop dead friggin gorgeous there’s no denying that. But isn’t she known to be a hooker. Albeit a high classed hooker but hooker nonetheless.

      • Pattonson

        Hookers in Argentina are considered more entertainers than some alley hood rat. Plus how many hood rats have you seen that look like that?

      • Pretty Ugly

        Let’s see, she lives in a beautiful mansion in the Mediterranean sea, she is arguably the most attractive woman on the planet, she’s undoubtedly a sex pot. The last thing I’d think she’d be referred to as is a hooker.

  • karina maldonado

    donde se pueden ver los videos gratis?

  • Long Tall Sally

    I so want to bend Wanda Nara over and lick her asshole : )

    • Mckellen

      Nice!! If you need to post up pictures of that I completely understand.

    • Spicy Red

      Lipstick Lesbians unite!

  • Macbee

    I just could not say it enough how much I appreciate some kind of nude sex scandal being leaked for this one.