Popular Philly boxer Yusaf Mack or better known as “Mack Attack” has been caught up in what is said to be the “Yusaf Mack gay sex tape porn video scandal of Philly” and fans are freaking out. Yusaf says: “I had no idea what happened, I was drugged before filming.”

The video is very nasty stuff featuring Yusaf who says he was drugged at the time getting it on with two other black males at the same time. The video starts out with kissing and then goes into a full blow porn video with a lot of sucking and anal sex. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is in fact Yusaf as it was professionally filmed by a production company in New York.

Here is how Yusaf says it all went down: “I was contacted by a guy through Facebook to come to New York make a porn video and get paid 5k. I got there and saw a bunch of naked girls walking around and thought this would be a pretty cool deal. I was nervous so asked for a drink at which point I was given a pill that was said to calm my nerves. I then woke up at the train station with $4500 in my pocket but could not remember anything.” Yusaf goes on to say: “Later, a friend asked me what the hell after hearing about the gay sex tape and I freaked out trying to log into Facebook to track down the guy that set up the shoot, but I could not remember my password.” Yeah right… lol

We contacted Yusaf directly and he said: “I am currently looking at my legal options on what I can do, this has been very hard on my family and ask for your respect of my privacy.”

As far as his story about being drugged before he made the gay sex tape, well personally we are not buying it as his story is just not all there. Especially with “not being able to contact the guy that got him the gig”. But hey if you are into this type of thing, this is a must see for sure!

[UPDATE] – Damn we hate being right all the time! Yusaf Mack just came out of the closet saying: “I was not drugged, I panicked and did not know what to say. But I would like to now go on the record that I am in fact Bi-Sexual and was very aware of what I was doing.” HAHA We told ya’ll ;)

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  • Derrick

    Yusaf is actually a really good boxer, I saw him in Las Vegas beat the shit out of another dude. Why on earth would he make a porn video with a couple dudes.

    • Abby Lowe

      He was drugged when he went to film with what he thought was going to be a few girls, then the producer did the old switcheroo on him and made it a gay threesome sex tape. It happens to women all the time and is called date rape. There is a ton of drugs that can cause memory loss but the main three are Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine. See all the drug facts here: https://www.womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/date-rape-drugs.html

  • S. Vibrane

    I call bull shit, this guy knew exactly what he was doing. He is a boxer that is not super popular with 10 kids and broke. More than likely he knew what was going on and did not think it would be picked up by the media in such a big way and now he is trying to claim he was drugged. I am sure as more comes to light he will fess up at some point. Like you guys said, his story just does not add up.

  • Dub Smashing

    Yuk, ain’t no one wana see this gay ass shit. Even seeing it in the members area makes me nervous, I do not want to click the watch video button even on accident. Yeah, I do not believe that people should be gay, it’s my opinion so blow me if you do not like it.

    • Pete

      You don’t believe people should be gay? That’s ignorant. People don’t choose it. They are. And look know. He came out as gay.

  • Peter Pan

    I just got done watching the Yusaf Mack porn video and he knew damn well what he was doing. He was not drugged, he was just broke and got busted making the tape. I also just read where the producer is considering suing him for deformation. He just needs to fess up and come out of the closet instead of trying to fight it. (pun intended) ;)~

    • barrystjohn

      You like Dick too don’t you? Yep ! Cause you watched the whole Gay Sex Video starring Yusef Mack and jacked your Dick while watching and cummed!

  • Trindala Chapo

    I do not agree with the whole you are born gay, come on guys that is bull shit. Being gay is nothing more than a learned trait enhanced by the media constantly shoving it in our face as it is ok and trendy to be gay. God made man and woman with a dick and a pussy and both fit together nicely. How does a dick and a dick go together I mean wtf you are sticking your dick in another mans butt hole that is used for shitting. That is just fucked up in so many ways.

  • Benny L.

    Watching Yusaf with a HUGE thick black cock in his mouth is fucking hot!

  • Poo

    Sexy stuff