Hulk Hogan Finally Catches A Break In Gawker Lawsuit


Hulk Hogan’s legal team will finally be allowed to investigate its claims that Gawker employees were behind the leak of a racist rant by him captured on the Hulk Hogan sex tape leak, a Pinellas judge ruled on Wednesday in New York.

Hulk Hogan’s defense team has been dealing with road blocks in this trial now for the last year.

We now understand why Hulk Hogan was so hell bent set on his full sex tape footage not leaking, because he is caught talking s**t on ni**ers as he says.

Ever since the tape leaked and people heard him using this horrible word he has been dropped like flys by all around him, even the WWE.

Hulk’s attorneys now face the daunting task of going through hours of records to try and prove the employees at Gawker knew damn well what they where doing and leaked the video only for the media coverage.